In Which Country Do Kids Hate School the Most?

According to a recent Gallup poll, the kids who hate school the most come from that most polite of all nations, Japan.

Why do Japanese children dislike school? Psychologists reason that it is because great pressure it put on Japanese children to get high marks in school.

It is said that unless you have very good grades, you can’t get a good job in Japan. On the other hand, children in Sweden and India seem to love going to school. Most of the children in those countries say they like or even love going to school.

What about American youngsters? We fall right in the middle. Four out of five American kids either say they are satisfied with school or say they love it. Of course, maybe all these kids weren’t telling the truth when they answered the question.

Maybe it isn’t that the Japanese hate school more, maybe it is just that they are more honest.