Is food put in the Microwave oven radioactive and is it safe?

Microwaves aren’t radiation, they’re radio waves, so microwaved foods never become radioactive in the first place.

The way microwaves work is that they have a strong effect on water, twisting its molecules back and forth rapidly. As the water molecules rub back and forth against other molecules, they heat up from the friction.

Luckily nearly all foods have at least a little moisture in them, otherwise they wouldn’t heat up. Even bread has a little water in it, so do cookies and pastry.

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1 thought on “Is food put in the Microwave oven radioactive and is it safe?”

  1. The answer is ok for the first part (not radioactive), but it hasn’t addressed second (more important) part of the question: is it safe to eat microwaved food.
    And the answer is: no, it’s not safe to eat microwaved food!!
    Despite The manufacturers’ claims, we still don’t know what microwave radiation does to our food. We however do know what eating microwaved food does to our health.

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