Is the World’s Largest Pyramid in Egypt?

The Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt is the world’s tallest pyramid, at a height of what was once 480 feet. This ancient pyramid covers an area of 13 acres. But there’s a pyramid in Mexico that’s even bigger!

Called the Quetzalcoatl, this gigantic pyramid near Mexico City was built of sun-dried bricks and earth around the year 100. It’s only 177 feet tall, but it covers an area of 45 acres, that’s equal in size to about 41 football fields!

Engineers have figured out that the Mexican pyramid contains about a million cubic yards more volume than the Pyramid of Cheops!

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3 thoughts on “Is the World’s Largest Pyramid in Egypt?”

  1. That’s huge indeed! Though it’s been destroyed. It’s still there but it looks small now. But the 8 km of tunnels excavated(inside the pyramid) is impressive.

    I bet that we ALL thought the biggest pyramid was Cheops!

  2. The largest pyramid in the world was very recently discovered and confirmed at Visočica, Bosnia. It is also approximately 10,000 years older than any others yet discovered, plus the pyramid contains poured concrete slabs. Once again, we have physical evidence to support Eastern Europe being the very first civilized area on Earth. The Danube Valley of Europe is producing the most ancient archaeological treasures ever discovered, including the Tartaria tablets, found at Tartaria, Romania, in 1961 and containing the most ancient writing yet carbon 14 dated – at least 7,200 years old. That surpasses all Mesopotamian and Sumerian writings by over 1,000 years. The Sphinx at Bucegi, Romania, was once thought to be a natural stone formation, but no more. Excavations underneath the Bucegi Sphinx proved it is man made and thousands of years older than the Sphinx at Giza. The list of new European discoveries is growing by the hour, as evidenced by Robert Ballard’s exploration of the anoxic Black Sea depths. The archaeological history of the world is in constant flux and many professors who have built entire careers on the backs of what are now proven lies are fearing for their jobs, thus, in a vain effort to retain their legitimacy and avoid embarrassment, the stubborn old fools reject out of hand anything that conflicts with their outdated, totally disproved theories.

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