Was There Really a Butcher Named A. Stinker?

There certainly was. Ever since names have been around, there have been all sorts of funny ones.

In fact, some are so funny that their owners go to court to get them changed. People change their names because they don’t like the ones they’ve been given by their parents or because there is a name they’d much rather have than the one they’ve been given.

Three men on a fishing trip once checked into a hotel, where they signed their real, legal names: Mr. Hook, Mr. Fly, and Mr. Fish.

In Canada, an Indian was once sent to jail for having too much to drink. His name was Cyril Drunkenchief.

In Walden, Massachusetts, a man named George George lived on George Street. A penmanship teacher’s name was Minny Penman.

Probably the shortest name anybody ever had was 0. That’s right. Just the letter 0. Most people couldn’t believe it. They thought it was a joke.

Of course, when Mr. 0 visited Holland, which he did fairly often, they called him Mr. Van 0.