Which City In The US Uses The Most Water?

The city of New York Uses The Most Water. Sound like a lot of water, doesn’t it?

In the 1980s, 10 million people used 500 million gallons of water a day. That works out to 50 gallons for every person. That is less than the average for the rest of the U.S.A.

Throughout our country, most people use 87 gallons per day. Only two of those gallons are for drinking and cooking. Did you know that things like food use water, too?

To produce just one egg requires the use of 120 gallons of water. To put a steak on your plate takes 3,500 gallons. To produce the ton of steel that goes in the average car requires the use of 60,000 gallons of water.

If each person in the United States were charged for the amount of water used to provide everything he or she eats and uses, we would all go broke paying for 2,000 gallons of water a day.

For most of us, water costs very little, and that is a good thing, as we take it for granted.

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2 thoughts on “Which City In The US Uses The Most Water?”

  1. Wow!!
    Its amazing and if we (just Indians) start saving water from today, we will have o water shortages at all….
    Even if we start aying a small bit of tax like Rs 1/day
    we will be able to get rid of poverty.

  2. Cheap water is hardly a good thing. It’s because North Americans don’t pay anywhere near the true cost of water that we waste so much of it.

    The party won’t last forever and a day of reckoning will come when we face a wake-up call.

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