Were there any U.S. presidents that were not Christians?

If you judge the U.S. presidents by the fruits of their actions, we suppose someone could make a case that a number of them were not Christians, regardless of what faith they claimed.

However, Abraham Lincoln was one who specifically rejected Christianity, even writing a pamphlet called Infidelity, which sought to disprove the Bible generally and the idea of Jesus being the son of God specifically.

Later, as a politician, he succumbed to pressure to mention God in speeches but pointedly did not mention Jesus.

were there any u s presidents that were not christians

Thomas Jefferson attended an Episcopal church but refused to discuss his religious beliefs during his election campaign, and so was accused by rabble-rousing preachers of being ungodly and in league with Satan.

Actually, he believed in the moral teachings of Jesus, but not in his divinity.

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