Were You Living in the Year 1402 and Will You be Alive in 5744?

The answer to both questions is yes, if you calculate the date according to calendars other than the one we use!

We number our years from the supposed date of Christ’s birth. But Jews count their years from the date of creation, which ancient scholars claimed took place in the year 3761 B.C. So, the year 1982 is 5743 in the Jewish calendar.

The calendar that Arabs use numbers its years from the date of the founding of the Muslim religion, 622. Our 1982 is, according to this calendar, the year 1403. The numbers 1,403 and 622 don’t add up to 1,982 because the Muslim year is not the same length as ours. It’s based on the moon instead of the sun, and contains only 354 days!

A Muslim month that falls in winter one year will fall in summer about 30 years later!