What are some examples of Mexican American Foods?

Some examples of Mexican American Foods include:

A tortilla (“little cake”) is a flat, round bread, like a pancake, made from cornmeal or wheat flour and baked on a hot surface.

A burrito (meaning “little donkey” in Spanish) is a soft flour tortilla wrapped around meat, beans, or cheese.

An enchilada (“in chili”) is a soft flour tortilla wrapped around meat and cheese and served with a topping of tomato-chili sauce.

A fajita (“little band” or “strip”) is marinated, grilled meat served in a tortilla.

A taco (“plug” or “wad”) is a hard corn tortilla folded around ground meat, beans, or cheese.

A tamale (the Native American name of the dish) consists of fried, chopped meat and crushed peppers that have been rolled in cornmeal dough, wrapped in corn husks, and steamed.