What Are the Chances of a Comet Colliding With Earth and Are Comets Likely To Collide With Other Planets?

Cometary orbits are not steady and orderly like planetary orbits.

Comets can come from anyhere on any trajectory.

The chances of a planet getting in the way are pretty good, especially since a planet’s gravity will draw a nearby comet toward it.

On June 30, 1908, a comet was reported to have crashed in Russia’s Siberian wilderness.

Recent reports have raised a question as to whether it was a comet or an asteroid.

Its nucleus vaporized in the atmosphere, but the tremors from its impact were detected.

Halley’s comet, probably the most popularly famous comet, completes a single orbit around the Sun about every 76 years.

It will next be at its closest point to the Sun in the year 2061.