What Are the Names of Five Boroughs In New York City and Which Borough Is the Largest In Population?

The five boroughs in New York City are also counties.

The names of the five boroughs are:

  1. Bronx (Bronx County)
  2. Brooklyn (Kings County)
  3. Manhattan (New York County)
  4. Queens (Queens County)
  5. Staten Island (Richmond County)

Queens is the largest borough in area, with 108 square miles (281 sq km), while Brooklyn (Kings County) is the largest in population, with 2.3 million people.

The boroughs were created in 1898 during consolidation, and each borough is represented by a Borough President.

A borough is a unique form of government that administers the five fundamental constituent parts of the consolidated city.

Under New York State Law, a “borough” is a municipal corporation that is created when a county is merged with the cities, towns, and incorporated villages within it.