What Day Was the Hottest Day in History?

Anyone who was in Death Valley, California, in 1913, when the temperature there rose to 134 degrees, would probably guess that there was no hotter place on earth.

But on September 13, 1922, a thermometer in Al Aziziyah, in the desert region of Libya, showed a reading of over 136 degrees in the shade!

Thankfully, this is the highest temperature ever recorded anywhere on earth.

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2 thoughts on “What Day Was the Hottest Day in History?”

  1. don’t worry it gets pretty bloody hot in Australia, Oodnadatta, South Australia 50.7 C (123.3 F) on the 2nd January, 1960… not to mention that in Summer where i live we average 45.7 C….

  2. I personally recorded 60C in my country when I was in the desert of Turkmenistan. So, this is not the only hottest place on earth. Come and check the weather in Karakum desert. In the city on everage we have 40C during the summer. Now it is 45C outside in the city.

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