Which Is the Oldest Nation On Earth?

Only 45 of today’s nations were independent before the 20th century. And only one nation can trace its independence back to before the time of Christ.

old ruins in the ground

Ethiopia, the East African nation formerly known as Abyssinia, has been an independent nation since at least the eleventh century B.C.

The rulers of Ethiopia have claimed descent from the biblical King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, who, according to legend, was actually the ruler of Ethiopia.

And some historians claim that Ethiopia has existed as an independent nation since around the year 3000 B.C. That would make Ethiopia more than 4,900 years old.

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  1. Cedars(tree) of Lebanon, wine of Lebanon & Lebanon is mentioned in the bible even Lebanese cities like SIDON & TYRE are mentioned in the bible as well besides Byblos which is a lebanese city is a world heritage and according to UNESCO it is the oldest continously inhabitat city in the world since 5000 to 6000 B.C which makes it a 7000 or 8000 year old city which by substitution makes LEBANON the oldest nation in the world and it always been called LEBANON and still called LEBANON and u can make internet search about LEBANON and u’ll get thousands of results

    Cheers from LEBANON ;)

  2. Boudi – Just because there were references to products coming from the same region where modern day Lebanon is located does not make it the oldest country on earth. The operative issue here is the idea of nationality. Of course people existed in Lebanon (and many other places) for many thousands of years. But that is not the question: the question is what it the oldest COUNTRY, not civilization. Lebanon became a COUNTRY in 1943, so no where near the oldest. Oldest countries are Ethiopia, Armenia, Denmark….

  3. It is Armenia. Armenia once included Mount Ararat, which biblical tradition identifies as the mountain that Noah’s ark rested on after the flood. It was the first country in the world to officially embrace Christianity as its religion (c. 300).

  4. no it’s definitely Israel it’s the oldest country i’d say from my own opinion, because it has been said in the bible from even 2000 years ago! So not to be judging but it’s in my opinion and think that this is a fact!

  5. I was born in Costa Rica, I was a child the year my aunt travel to Costa Rica with this hard cover book, what I do remember is the title of the book: Ethiopia the oldest Nation, I’ve been trying to locate this book for sometime now, with no succss

  6. Actually in all truth INDIA has the most ancient civilization known to earth. India was the cradle of civilization, Hinduism goes back before pre historic times, The Hindu Vedas are the most ancient scriptures known to man kind. Sanskrit was the first language spoken on earth which is the ancient language of Hinduism. They just found a bridge in south India that was build during the Epic RAMAYANA and this bridge was build by the 7th re incarnation of Lord Vishnu Lord Rama this bridge is dated back at 1.7 million years ago During the Treta Yuga. Science and Religious wise has proved time and time again India is the cradle of civlization and goes back the furthest than any other country on earth.

  7. The Indian civilisation is indeed very old but the bridge dating back 1.7 million years is a grossly exagerated. This effectively means that it was not built by humanoids, because they did not exist then.The only builder who was around was australopithecus who was partly ape and man.

  8. To all of you who dont know denmark is the oldest nation since 938AD never to been broken up in Civilwars and Christian wars and no Armania isnt the oldest as it was part of the German new teuntonic lordsmanship and such not a chance Japan, china or India all have been broken into pieces in Japans case Shoguns, China was divided into 4 big lordsmanships etc. not somuch into indian history but im sorry to say denmark is the oldest present Nation in the world.

  9. I also agree that Armenia is the oldest nation on earth. Not only is it the likely homeland of Indo-European language and culture, more and more archeological and anthropological finds are being made everyday to support its role as the cradle of all civilization. Plus, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Bible says that Noah’s Ark landed in the mountains of Armenia, which is an allegorical clue Armenia’s historical importance as a starting (restarting) point.

  10. Hi, if you are talking about nations then it is definitely sumerian. armenia and ethiopia could be oldest Christian nations but they surely not the oldest nations.

    1- Sumerian / Akkadian / Babylonian / (Mesopotamian) (present Iraq)
    2- Egypt
    3- Persia / China / India
    4- (Canaan) which was between Palestine, lebanon and syria in present
    5- Ancient Rome / Greek
    6- (Assyrian) between (Iraq & Iran Now)

    and if you are talking about oldest country then it would be different, it should be Iraq but is not because it has been ruled by many others.

    1- Egypt because it was called egypt since that time (3200-3500BC) until now
    2- Persia (3200-3300 BC) some says, it is the oldest country but it is not. persia changed to Iran now.

    but what I think country is defined as the longest civilization in an area. Tigris-Euphrates valley is started point for a civilization which sumer has ruled that place and it was the first ruling system in the world and they have invented a lot of things. they had the first music instruments like tars and they’ve invented wheels and they had the first empire system. so this place is now in IRAQ and some parts of it in Turkey and Iran now.

  11. I am Armenian and I know my history well
    just some time ago there was found that Armenia is definitely older than 6000 years and as there are no certain info befor this data about other countries, Armeina remains the oldest.

  12. hi there
    try to read first it is about which country exist without been colonised
    and that is Ethiopia the country defends it´s tritory since over 3000 years
    Armenia was under USSR and it has it´s Independence Day, 21 September (1991)
    that is the fact.

  13. yesb it is egypt in which aking called mina or narmer united the 2 main areas northern and southern ones to be the first country in the world 3200 BC having the same name till now Egypt.

  14. Armenia has to be the oldest continuous nation in the world. They existed for a long time.. There was a point in time where they were almost extinct but recovered.. they seem to never die off.. strong race..great Warriors and a great people.. haha.. btw Oldest winery and shoe was found there..

  15. 1-iran(persia) —-3200 b.c (elamite Civilization is oldest Civilization in the world)
    2-egypt —-3100 b.c
    3-vietnam —-2879 b.c
    4-korea(n-s) —-2333 b.c
    5-japan —-660 b.c
    6-china —-221 b.c
    7-armenia —-190 b.c (armenia is oldest christian nation not oldest country)
    8-ethiopia —-50 a.c
    9-san marino —-301 a.c
    10-bulgaria —-671 a.c
    11-oman —-751 a.c
    12-vatican city —-756 a.c
    13-cambodia —-801 a.c
    14-france-england —-643 a.c

  16. please put any sort of prejudice aside and let’s talk scientifically and according to what the facts and evidence tell us. I dont know why everybody tries to just mention his or her own country top on the list? nothing can and is ever able to distort the history. here is the list i complied which concurs with majority (I said majority not all cuz nothing is ever axiomatic or far off doubts) of the sources

    1. Iran (Formerly called Persia) (3200 BC)
    2. Egypt (3100BC)
    3. Vietnam (2880BC)
    4. N. & S. Korea (2333BC)
    5. Japan (660BC)
    6. Armenia (190BC)( though some sources attribue its existence to Persia or Iran)

    If anybody seeks some sources or any kind of reference for more probing into the issue, s/he can contact me via my Email: [email protected]

  17. The native Armenian name for the country is Hayk. The name in the Middle Ages was extended to Hayastan by addition of the Iranian suffix -stan, meaning Haykland. The name was traditionally derived from Hayk, the legendary patriarch of the Armenians and a great-great-grandson of Noah.

    Armenia is definitely the oldest nation and the oldest Christian nation.

    Don’t you guys see. Armenia was the start of the human race and the start of Gods word.

  18. I can say that the oldest christian church in the world is situated in the village Kish, near the city of Sheki, in Azerbaijan.

  19. Armenia is the oldest nation that still exists. Armenians were the first people of Europe, they basically started the European countries as people from Armenia migrated to Europe.

  20. Azerbaijan? Oh right. It’s next to Armenia right? Yea, the churches in Azerbaijan are all Armenian Churches. Armenia lived in the lands where Azerbaijan is right now for thousands of years before Turkish tribes came and wiped them out. So all the Churches and Monasteries you see in both Turkey and Azerbaijan are Armenian Churches.

  21. Mesopotamia = Sumerians, Assyrians/Babylonians… to the fool above that didn’t know that. They are the cradle of civilization.

    Also, Assyrians were the first Christian people. The Armenians were the first people to declare Christianity over their entire nation, making it first Christian nation. Hence, Assyrians/Armenians are sister cultures. However, Assyrians speak Aramaic, and Armenians do not! The Bible, Torah, and Quran mention the three most important people of God: Egyptians; Assyrians; Israelites. So long as people keep these religious texts alive, these Semites will forever live on their ancient history of the Holy Land!

  22. assaryins no longer exist, and they were never chrstians, in fact they were more related to turkey and syria than armenia

  23. Armenia is the oldest nation, no doubt about it. People that are saying “Armenia separated from the Soviet Union 20 years ago” which has nothing to do with the Armenian Nation. Armenia existed thousands of years ago, later joining the Soviet Union.

    The oldest map was found in Babylon with four countries listed on the map, one of which was Armenia. The other three countries do not exist today.

    Also “Armenians” themselves are the oldest people on this planet. People from Europe migrated from Armenia into. Fact.

  24. Assyrians do exist still. They are related to the Chaldean people, and before you say it, yes, Chaldeans exist since I am Chaldean.

    Secondly, Mesopotamia (now present-day Iraq) was the first civilization according to all History books, teachers, etc. It began with a select few that had the wealth of the area who controlled most of the land. The rest of the population consisted of free people who had rights and slaves who did not have rights. It was not very self-sufficient, meaning the society couldn’t stand on its own since you had to travel to other places to get the necessities, such as food and water, etc. but still, they were named the first. Almost simultaneously, the Egyptians formed their society as well.

  25. Armenia is the current name for mesopotamia, lebanon, egypt as the armenians were in egypt before and some say the egyptians were armenians, iran, india are all migrations. Sumerians are armenians and this is where it is found i believe. Armenians were a combination and had all genes that are found in the surrounding countries. they spread out and multiplied. Today they call themselves by there physical difference. The turks however are new and came from the mountains to kill everyone. as they say jesus and john the baptist were armenians. all this area before the new countries came was byzantine and mesopotamia. There had to have been some seperation, intrusion and breeding for new countries to form. thats what war is when theres a powerfull nation on earth. there invaded and tried to be claimed as there own in hope as the new generations are born they will believe the new information, there was only three nations from the oldest map in the world that i came accross a while ago. basically (whites) which where armenians or byzantine. japanese and chinese nations, and libya, everything else is from interbreeding. at th end of the day, armenians can be black or white, as well as cave drawings of writing from the armenians also which they claim were written from angels, date back more than 50,000 b.c.. they were a advanced race and very modern, according to sumerian artifacts there are drawings of rockets and so forth, this is a race that may have already reached todays day n age in technology and its just a matter of digging very deep to find it,

  26. i am going to be honest. for those who think armenia is the oldest christian country let alone oldest country in the world….. READ THE TITLE FIRST!!! it says oldest INDEPENDANT COUNTRY. if a country was colonized or joined another counrry or nation. It doesnt count as an independant country. Ethiopia was never colonized by any country, its kingdom came from all the way from 1000 b.c. Sure there are other countries older than that but i bet they were ruled or colonized. And if u dont believe me on this. The Romans occupied what is now known as ARMENIA. wow im getting pissed at people who are too stubborn to realize dis :/

  27. Omgoodness! The question again please…the oldest nation!?! Not nation that was captured, seized, colonized, or other…the oldest nation. Nation meaning independent country. Not oldest civilization, not oldest christian or muslim or religious anything. The question was?…Yes, what is the oldest nation?! Good grief Charlie Brown! Aiiii!

  28. Either you’re one of those that are reputedly envious of the ancient Mesopotamians (Sumerians, Assyrians/Babylonians), or you’re truly ignorant and lost all credibility.

    Assyrians still exist, just at a dismal percentage. The Assyrians in Middle East are very few, with them thriving in Lebanon, northern Iraq, cities in Armenia, and cities in Syria. Majority today live in Chicago, San Diego, USA, or Sweden, Germany, and Brazil.

    In fact, most Assyrian-Americans today, are translators/interrogators for US govt. In addition, the CIA used an Assyrian-American to successfully interrogate Saddam Hussein.

    Egypt is without a doubt the oldest surviving nation.

  29. @steven. im sorry but i have to say he is right. Assyrians empire does not exist any more if u did not read ur history. If u r sayin they exist, then you are especially wrong. Their decendants does not count. Instead the decendants would count as arabians or chaldeons decenedant and it also asks for the oldest indepent counrty. 1. Assyruia was NEVER a counrty 2. It wasnt independant for even 200 yers. It got conquered by babylon, persia, greece, romans and muslims several times. i am neurtal but the oldest independant state would be either ethiopia or china, judged on the years of independance

  30. If Armania and Ethopia are the oldest nation man kind existed. Then the isreal will know now is not the real Isreal the Bible spoke of. It is either Ethiopia or Amania.

  31. well ben joe, if armenia joined the soviet union, then it doesnt count as an indpendant nation sorry

  32. I am Ethiopian . I wonder why such question? Does it matter which country could be oldest?
    Answer : From Northern Ethiopia all the way Egypt to Greek, Israel as one not as independent countries as it now.

  33. I wouldn’t have guessed Ethiopia before reading the article id likely have said India, as the question is the oldest surviving country. I am interested to learn more about Armenian and Ethiopian history now, Abyssinia is a much more beautiful name than Ethiopia.

  34. I am an Ethiopian and here is my take:
    Ethiopia has maintained its independence for at least 3 to 5 thousand years. The ancient Egyptians called us Kush and the Greeks called us Ethiopia. The Greek poet Homer, even testified in his epic story Iliad (do your research online) written 9th century BC about how Zeus and other Gods went to Ethiopia each year to a twelve-day feast among the “BLAMLESS ETHIOPIANS”. Furthermore, another Greek historian whom we all know, Herodotus, described the Ethiopians of his day as “the tallest and handsomest and longest-lived men.” The question begging for an answer is why a famous Greek poet and philosopher of the ancient world, bother to write far away about a Negro race when they could have commented about people right underneath their nose. Unfortunately, there was no Germany, France, and Spain etc.. to fill a story.
    According to all historical/scientific indications, 5 thousand or more years before Christ, there flourished a highly advanced Black Empire in the general areas of what is know regarded as Egypt/Sudan/Ethiopia. Eventually the empire split and the upper part became EGYPT, the lower became ETHIOPIA. If you look at today’s Egyptian blacks they have a strong similarity to their brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia. Meanwhile, it is impossible to differentiate the people of northern predominantly ISLAMIC Sudan against their Ethiopian brothers to the East who are staunch CHRISTIANS with I must admit a 10% Muslim inhabitants. The light skin Egyptians of today are a true definition of Mulatto in the USA, as they are a result of centuries of heavy inter mingling of Original BLACK RACE with Turks/Europeans/Arabs etc…Although in the old days Egypt sent plenty of army to conquer and subjugate Ethiopia, unfortunately all of her efforts remained futile, as it failed to overcome the fierce fighters of Ethiopia. However around early 700 BC, Ethiopia managed to concur the entire EGYPT and ruled it for over 100 years I believe either it was the 23rd and 25th dynasty (please verify). Ethiopia since its inception, has never, I , insist never, compromised its independence. In Fact, after Europeans at will decided to scramble or divide Africa during the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, Italy in 1889 armed with modern weapon tried to invade Ethiopia in hopes of adding her into her growing Empire. Little did the Italians new of who we Ethiopians were. Sure enough the aggressor, Italy, was routed and defeated with great humility. It marked the first time a modern European country whereby was defeated by a poorly armed, rather backward black people. It sent a shockwave through out the white dominated EUROPE. In the wake of the defeat, in Italy, Prime minister Francesco Crispi’s government was forced to resign. Infact this was the most humiliating defeat it marked the beginning of the end of colonialism in the world. Ethiopia became the llightning rod to freedom seekers in Africa and elsewhere in the world including to slaves in North/South America and the caribeans. Unfortunately, unlike Ethiopia, the entire African nations who were in bondage had to wait additional 60 years before they acquired their true independence this includes Egypt and Sudan immediate neighbors of Ethiopia.
    The bottom-line is my beloved Ethiopia, the cradle of humanity, whose majority of population is a strict adherent of the Ethiopian Coptic Christian has managed through the divine of God to maintain its continuous existence, unconquered using the name Ethiopia for over 3000 years by fiercely defending its boundaries unlike any other NATION IN THE WORLD.

  35. Syria is the oldest country in the world the first ever church is in syria the first olvie tree was in syria that what i think

  36. This is the right answer :

    Egypt (North-Sudan included) ( 3150-3500 B.C)
    India (3000 B.C)
    Ethiopia (Eritrea included)( 2500-3000 B.C)
    China ( 2000 B.C)
    San Marino (301 AD)
    France (486 AD)
    Bulgaria (632 AD)
    Japan ( 650 AD)
    Scotland (843 AD)
    Turkey (900 AD)
    England (927 AD)
    Denmark (950 AD)
    Portugal (1143 AD)
    Andorra (1278 AD)
    Switzerland (1291 AD)

  37. No Omar, it’s not right answer because you forgot an old country. This is Albania. Read and learn for this country please

  38. Cyprus may also be one of the anciest countries in the world, as history says that civilization in Cyprus excist since 10.000 B.C.

  39. Oldest continue nation, not country are pauans in papua new guinea, as they are
    there over 55 thousand years and still around, long before modern man show up in europe.
    Egypt come to existence in 1922,after few thousnad years occupation, but they are now
    different people there.Like ethiopia which have different people and even race from ancient
    one,becouse of settlement in middle ages.Longest continue is china,about 4000 years,
    thought few times under occupation which dont change china nation.

  40. If one says the nation that was founded earliest, then this is correct.

    But if one (as I) count from the date they got their most recent independence, the oldest nation in the world is San Marino.

    I know it’s a bt unfair to Ethiopia, since they only had 6 years of subjugation from ’36 to ’42, but with Iran, Egypt, Armenia etc. it was for hundreds of years.

  41. Armenia, Armenia, Armenia.. Its said and done.. Armenia is the oldest nation that is still alive today. End of Discussion.

  42. lili no one is bragging. If Armenia is the oldest country in the world, how is that bragging? Is it their fault their country is old?

  43. the fact is, they are old, but it asks for the oldest independant country, which it is not for some people who dont understand, it means ever since to date, they had to be independant. many people pointed out facts that for example armenia was joined with the soviet union only twenty years ago. if it was then it is no longer considered independant even if it has a long and rich history. this is why i said they are bragging. i apologize for commenting like this but the facts are there and many people refuse to accept it, which is why i think ethiopia is the oldest INDEPENDANT country

  44. Ethiopia? How can Ethiopia be the oldest nation? The people there still live in villages. Armenia is the oldest in my opinion. They are the first Europeans, and the first Indo European people. I’m going with Armenia on this one.

  45. I must conclude that as a bible believing christian and taking the genesis flood as fact that the cradle of the worlds civilization can originate from only one region and that would modern day Armenia that is the region where mount Ararat is located and it is from there that all of the races descended from Shem Japheth and Ham it doesn’t matter what race you are your heritage goes down to one of those three men and who’s father is Noah and the first Nation established must be where the Ark settled and that would be Armenia, remote possibility could be Iran, in case Noah and his family decided that the region in Ararat was too inhospitable and they may have migrated southward and that would be Iran.

  46. The most ancient nations of the World lived in Mesopotomia. Egyptians, ethiopians. Also India is one of the ancient nations. Armenians are ancient. But where Armenia situated now is not the historical lands of armenians. They lived in the territory of Iran Iraq and some other middle east countries.They massively moved to north time by time. This process continued even Russian Empire. Armenian families have been settled between Turkey and Azerbaijan to separate to turkish speaking and muslim countries. Azerbaijan is also an ancient country where people believed zaradostianism before christianity and islam. The terretory of Azerbaijan mainly settled by persian speaking and caucasian tribes before turkish tribes. Most Churches in Azerbaijan are ancient Alban churches. They differ than armenian churches.

  47. All – Assyrians do exits because I’m assyrian. We are the first nation on this planet. True, we don’t have a country today. But we did before – Mesopotomia. People need to read more history,

  48. Definitely Armenia is one of the oldest, if not the oldest nation in the world. Aratta, Urartu, Ararat which is considered as the oldest civilization in many ancient historical texts are the names of the same land in different languages. Just like Georgia is called Somkheti by natives, and Vrastan, Gruzia, etc. by neighbouring countries.

    The guy who is talking about Azerbaijan just shut up. Azeribadjag whatever are Iranian tribal people, who are until now undecided whether they are Albanian, Iranian, or Turks. Your country was created by Soviet Union. Before 19th century there were no Azerbaijan mentioned anywhere in the world. Look Roman, Greek Maps made BCE you’ll see Armenia’s teritory. Don’t be stupid )))

  49. I believe its Armenia for many reasons. It wouldn’t be the Sumerians because there is a lot proof about Armenia being around before 3000B.C. For example , the leather shoe found in a Armenian cave. (No Otize’s shoe was not the most oldest shoe ever.) The leather shoe is 5,500 year old shoe. There is your proof. Not enough you can always check the internet ( and yes its true don’t trust the internet ) then check ancient books. Plus the bible always mentions Aratat Mountain ( Aratat Mountain was sometimes spoken/writtne as Armneia)
    Who agrees?

  50. SHAME ON U.the first country i mean before Armenia,named on the bible is Ethiopia.the GION rivers from ETHIOPIA.at the first page of z bible ,the bible named it.ethiopia.

  51. i can say Ethiopia it have a history of more than 5000 years,, and don’t forget the oldest fossil is found in Ethiopia, Ethiopia have the oldest bible in the world, Ethiopia is the oldest nation in the world, even in bible it’s there are 3 rivers that feed the heaven two of them are from Ethiopia like Ghion river the old Ethiopian kingdom used to b called Axum dynasty which uses to rule as far as India that will b including almost the hole Africa , and for those who is saying Egypt in history Ethiopia is refers as the mother of Egypt I mean is there any nation with better proof

  52. There was a King who has conquered the whole known world in his time, King with a Big Heart, King of a Great Nation, Alexander the Great King of Macedonia.

  53. lili the questions is the oldest Nation not the oldest country. So you are wrong. I am Armenian and I know this is the Truth.

    1. Greece
    2. Egypt and Ethopia
    3. Armenia

  54. it’s funny when people mention Egypt as oldest country and not mention Ethiopia, for those who believe in bible Ethiopia was mentioned in old testament many times like the for river which fades the heaven one of is Ghion, Ethiopia is also one of the first country to be christian next to Jerusalem, also the oldest christian bible is found in Ethiopia, and for those who believe in since the oldest fossil called Lucy then not so long they have found older than that in Ethiopia again is found in Ethiopia which dated back to 3.4 million years it might b hard for u guys to believe but the truth Ethiopia is 4500 – 5000 years old

  55. “The guy who is talking about Azerbaijan just shut up. Azeribadjag whatever are Iranian tribal people, who are until now undecided whether they are Albanian, Iranian, or Turks. Your country was created by Soviet Union. Before 19th century there were no Azerbaijan mentioned anywhere in the world. Look Roman, Greek Maps made BCE you’ll see Armenia’s teritory. Don’t be stupid”

    Absolutely right.

    Also, Armenia is the only monoethnic ancient nation with a state today. Oldest nation without a doubt.

  56. If we are talking about the oldest nation that still maintains the same language, religion, alphabet and calender than the answer is Israel. Israel cannot be discounted because its land was stolen from them in 70 AD. The Hebrew nation including its time in the Diaspora is 3500 years old and yes they still speak the same language, write in the same alphabet, practice the same religion and use the same calender as 3500 years ago. No other nation on earth can make that claim.

  57. japan has been a “nation” since b4 650 A.D. DERP.
    thats just when the imperial courts rose to power. IMO, its probably china, seeing as how they WERE a nation even b4 the emperor as well and despite lack of evidence im believe they might have been around since at least 15,000 B.C, they just weren’t as organized and more of them were still wandering rather then being solidated as they were when the VARIOUS froms of government were united into a single nation in 8k B.C.

  58. I found out that the 0 gene of the wheat was found in Ararat valley. That is enough to say the oldest civilization was formed in the area.

  59. By the way the oldest Turk is 700 years old and his name was Chengikhan. You can not create history, you build one. Yes the oldest country is Armenia. I would suggest you to read books that have been written at least 60 years ago.

  60. I know Ethiopia is never been colonized and the oldest human body found in my Geography. It should be Ethiopia.

  61. The oldest European people has to be the Armenians, since Europeans arrived from Armenia. Oldest nation is between Armenia, Persia aka Iran, Egypt and Ethiopia.

  62. For those who say that Armenia is the oldest Christian nation, YES IT IS, but, thats not all. Armenia is also THE OLDEST NATION, because, during the times of Noah when the ark landed on Mount Ararat there was no such thing as Christianity.

  63. The Aegean-Greeks existed since thousands of years B.C..The first inhabitants in Greece go back more than 800.000 years…Athens was founded before 9.600 B.C. READ TIMEAUS AND CRITIAS OF PLATO TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

  64. Assyria was the first nation to become Christian in 190 AD. Next was Edeesa a city/state, then in 301 AD Armenia became Christian. Also around then, Axxum in Ethiopia became Christian ! Assyria was by far the first Christian nation !

  65. Somewhere near the Caucasian Mountains. The oldest nation on the Caucasian Mountains is Armenia therefore I would have to go with Armenia.

  66. the oldest country would probably be Armenia, as civilisation started appearing in the caucasus mago, also recany thousands of years ent archeological finds show the oldest stone structures and agricultural revolutions started in the Armenian highland, Proto armenian states started appearing 6 thousand years ago and the Armenian language is thought to be 9 thousand years old, as old or older than the indo – europeans, suggesting they might be the first Indo – Europeans. Armenian highland is proven to be the place of the first civilsation, but that is not the question, question is which country is first, official, the Greek civilsation is 5 thousand years old, but united greece was not untill King philip united greece, making greece as a country only 2,2 thousand years old, Considering this Armenia is still the worlds oldest country.
    other old countries are of course Greece, Assyria, and so on.

  67. The oldest nation in the world is in Greece..First inhabitants since 800.000 years ago…BIOLOGY MEETS HISTORY…ATHENS existed more than 14000 years ego!..This earth runs with Greek achievements that were nourishing, and developed over of thousands and thousands of years of her existence, and was giving to the world over and over again.

  68. Armenia has the be one of the oldest if not the oldest nation.
    When you look at the spreading of the European people you can clearly see that most Europeans migrated out of Armenia. Noah’s ark landed in Armenia, if you’re a Christian and follow the bible then Armenia is the right answer for you.

  69. I really like the debates between all of you. Armenia may be the source of migration in Europe but It is amazing when people think that Europe was populated before Africa. You can all search the web, libraries and what not, the reality is a country with the oldest human fossils, a country which stood firm for thousands of years, and still standing without any colonization, or being ruled by foreign govt. is Ethiopia. Countries like Armenia were colonized by the Romans, Russians,..; and India was colonized by Britain,..; Egypt was colonized by the Romans, Arabs, Britain,….; need I go on?

    Some Other Facts about Ethiopia –

    > The first African Christian was an Ethiopian – Acts 8:26-39
    > Kicked Europe’s Ass (Italy – lost more than 52% of their troops and returned home with shame) – ( Adwa War – 1896)
    > Played a major role in removing colonialism in Africa (By supporting freedom fighters all over Africa)
    > The first Christian Nation to acknowledge Muslims as brothers and sisters (Introduced co-existence between different religions)
    > Home to some of the most sacred Christian and Muslim icons and places (Like, the Arc of Covenant – For Christians, and a Mosque which is as old as the religion itself and refered as the second mecca – the “Al Nejashi Mesjid”)

    A lot can be said about ETHIOPIA.

  70. Croatia has to be one of the earliest independent European nations/kingdoms (approx 879-925ad) still in existence today! It is in basically the same location, using the same name and using the same national symbols. Its just amazing how this tiny nation has stood the test of time withstanding so many invaders. Text books are slow to recognise this fact.

  71. Armenia is the oldest nation still in existence except it had different names such as ararat urartu and hayasa. There were also many seperate armenian knigdoms like cilicia and mittani. And as far as im concerned the ancient predesecors of armenian sholvari and shomu tribes were the oldest civilizations dating back to 6500 bc

  72. I came to this site looking for an answer on “Nationhood”.

    No one has the answer I am looking for. Everyone needs to look up the definition of “Nation” in the dictionary. Including the Phd student.

    Some are talking about Christianity, some about oldest skeleton found, some about the Bible.
    It was too funny actually :-)

  73. I’m a Greek and I have to say that I did some search for quite some time now, and I have to say that the most ancient nations are

    1) Armenia
    2) Ethiopia
    3) Egypt
    4) Greece
    5) Syria
    6) Persia
    7) China

    These are the most ancient ! Actually the rest of the nations evolved out of these 7 during the course of the years ! This is a fact which cannot be denied by any independent historian or archaeologist !

  74. Historical facts prove that most ancient surviving people to this date is definitely Armenians,refer to Holy Bible,and all ancient discoveries,maps ,ancient historians notes found so far .I think these are enough to conclude the argument of defining the oldest living people on earth.

  75. Today is 7522. year in Serbian calendar. Serbs are oldest nation in the world, and we measure time from 5508 year B.C. I don’t know any nation which have eldest calendar.

  76. The topic is which country that still exists today is the oldest independent country, not race, not people, not civilization. Which country or nation that still exist today has never been conquered or joined another country? Which nation stands alone from the time it became independent until these days.

  77. serbians have the only dna different to the rest and whole world caries a part of it. Europeans are serbians they are all, but world wants to extinct serbians like they done with magic giants and everything when anything needs covering they put bible in front.

  78. If you want to find the answer, you should find the oldest stones where u can see letters, i have seen 4000 years old stones, where we can find Armenian letters, and these letters are still used in Armenia.

  79. Definitely, the oldest country in the world is the Philippines from Totoy Escomdro World Encyclopedia ed. 2014

  80. I believe Armenia would be the best answer. Urartu, Hayasa, Nairi etc. These are iron and bronze age Armenian kingdoms. There are some other major facts, such as weapons, accessories,coins, temples found at Armenian archeological sights. The traces of Noah’s arc found in Ararat,and the oldest shoe was recently discovered in Armenia as well.

  81. If you guys had a little knowledge about evolution, you would have known that Ethiopia is the craddle of humankind. Therefore, it is no wonder that this country is the oldest nation in the world. This is where it all started around 20.000 years ago which reached its zenith around 4000 BC with the begin of ancient Egypts dominance.The departure point of the human speces was Ethiopia, one group went north to todays Sudan, building the city of Meroe( were you can today witness Pyramids) continuing their jounrey, following the Nile, until they reached lower Egypt and established the foundation of human civilization. The third group stayed in todays Ethiopia and founded the Abesinian civilization. Another group went through the Bab El Mandeb and inhabited the World. Geneticists have tested thousands of people around the globe and not a single person was found who can´t trace their ancesters to the to the group of wanderers from Africa.

  82. The oldest alphabet (about 8000 years) in the world is from Vinca (place in Serbia) – and the Serbs have in their own language 24 identical letters. The oldest language in the world is a Sanskrit – and the Serbs have, most of the world’s, identical words. The oldest calendar in the world is Serbian. Which nation’s oldest, decide for yourself.
    Happy New Year 7524 (Serbian).

  83. The oldest nation in the world is Macedonian. As it is written and it shall be! For those who claims that they are oldest don’t know that they live on Macedonian lands as it is written!

  84. Modern Bulgarian state was established in 681. Previously, part of the Bulgarians have gone east. In Asia, have created several Bulgarian countries. Have come north to the Pamirs and south to India. Great Wall of China was built to protect the Chinese from the Bulgarians. Ancient Bulgarians had a highly developed civilization known natural phenomena. Old Bulgarian calendar is the most accurate ancient calendar. Today made international genetic study of Y -hromozoma men in Europe and North Africa shows that every fifth Bulgarian has a gene to 7800 years. Perhaps the methods of today’s science will give many answers to the unknown for us ancient history. I am sorry for my bad English.

  85. What?
    This isnt true at all. Phoenicians are the ones who invented the alphabets. Dont mix up between hieroglyphs and letters. So yes you are wrong.

  86. Weather one choose to use Religion (the Holy Bible) or Science (Paleontology) both of them leads you into one nation as being the oldest nation in the world, namely ETHIOPIA. Evidences: First of all, before any of the 180 earthly nation were established, God Himself formed the national boundaries of ETHIOPIA with out a single bloodshed, when He said through his prophet Moses: “The second river is called GHION and it flows through out the land of ETHIOPIA” (Genesis 2:13). (That is 3500BC). Ethiopia is the first nation in the Holy Bible to be mentioned and also to have a clearly defined and known national boundary. Prophet Moses himself was taught by none other than the wise Ethiopian priest of God called Yotar (Jethro) and was also married to one of his seven daughters Zipporah and had two sons as recorded in the Book Exodus 17:8-18:27. One of the most famous queen of the ancient world and of the Holy Bible is Nigiste Makida (Queen Sheba) and was from Ethiopia (1000BC) (1 Kings:10). Science: Secondly, the oldest human follicle is found in Ethiopia (Lucy 3.2 millions years old and Ardi 4.2 million years old). Third, Ethiopia is the first Christian nation too. Evidence: Book of Acts 8:26-40 where the Ethiopian Eunuch – the treasurer of Queen Candace of Ethiopia becomes the first gentile (non- Jew) to be baptized and become Christian in 32AD. Fourth, current science have revealed that, most of the world population have an Ethiopia DNA. Therefore, with out question or doubt, ETHIOPIA is certainly the oldest continuous and uninterrupted nation and empire that was never colonized or subdued by any earthly force and is in continuous national existence even to these days.

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