Where Is the Hottest Place On Earth?

So you think it’s hot where you are? Not even close.

hot California desert

Updated 17 August 2020

Update: The hottest temperature on the planet recorded hit a new high today in Death Valley National Park, California, where the temperature reach a scorching 54.4 C (130 F).

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53788018

Previous Records


In 2013, the highest temperature reliably recorded on Earth was 129.2F (54C) in Death Valley, California.


The hottest place on earth ever recorded in 1913 was Death Valley, California, U.S.A. where the temperature reached a scorching 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on 10 July 1913.

The previous record of 57.7 °C (135.9 °F) reported on Sept. 13, 1922. in El Azizia, Libya has been deemed invalid because of mistakes made in the recording process.

Highest temperature recorded on the African continent

The highest temperature recorded on the African continent was in Kebili, Tunisia on 7 July 1931 with a temperature of 55 °C (131 °F). This makes it the second hottest place on earth.

Dallol, Ethiopia, is the hottest inhabited place on earth with an average yearly ambient surface air temperature of 34.4 °C (93.92 °F).

Hottest Spot in Europe

And just in cause you were wondering, the hottest spot in Europe was in Athens, Greece on 10 July 1977 when it reached 48.0 °C (118.4 °F).

Highest Ground Surface Temperature

The highest natural ground surface temperature ever recorded was 93.9 °C (201 °F) on 15 July 1972 in Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California, USA.

How are Air Temperatures Measured?

According to the World Meteorological Organization, for proper, accurate air temperatures, a thermometer must be situated 1.2 to 2 meters off the ground and shielded from direct sun.

Why? It’s simple, temperatures measured directly on the ground may exceed air temperatures by 30 to 50 °C, depending on the type and color of the soil.

Land skin temperature, also known as LST is a measure of heating of the land surface, where solar energy is absorbed and re-emitted. If you’ve ever walked on asphalt or pavement barefoot on a hot day in summer, you know the difference.

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  1. I live in Adelaide in South Australia and we have just broken a record for the number of days over 35C, 8 so far with a forecast of at least 8 more which lead me to research what was the hottest place on earth.

    As it turns out I checked a number of sources including the Australian weather bureau and I have found that Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia has a higher temp than that you mentioned whose average maximum temperature is 35.6 °C (96 °F)

    Fitzroy Crossing’s mean maximum temperature in 2005 was 37.1°C, measured at the airport. Only once in the past has a higher figure been officially recorded in Western Australia, when Wyndham averaged 37.3°C in 1992.

  2. the hottest point on the earth is located in iran,the zone that called gandom beryan in loot desert,

    It’s temprature on summer (in the shadow) was up to 67 degree (celsius)

  3. The hottest air temperature EVER RECORDED on earth was on Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7° Celsius. The highest ground temperature RECORDED was 93.1° Celsius at Furnace Creek, Death Valley National Park, on July 15, 1972. Dallol, Ethiopia, is the most consistently warm place on earth with an average yearly ambient surface air temperature of 34.4°C.

  4. Gents, Ladies,
    Stumbled across this thread whilst stuck inside during one afternoon. Just thought I would inform you all that where I work in the middle east, the temperaure very rarely drops below 40 degrees during the Months of July and August. Our record so far is 52 Degrees. Luckily for us however is the humidity, Down by the coast it reaches 40+ Deg with a relative humidity of 90%!!!!! Whilst up here in near the empty quarter it is slightly drier.
    Wouldnt change it for the world though.

  5. Hottest Extreme: Al Aziziyah, Libya
    Hottest Average: Dallol, Ethiopia
    Driest: Not sure of the name of the town but it is in the Atacama Desert in Chile

  6. No site help with my homework! Everyone says a different place and some say when it was recorded in the past….but i need to know about it now! Homework is silly, especially geography. What kind of a prep is: “Find the hottest, coldest, wettest and driest places on earth and why?” I’m never going to need to know that in an exam!
    Thanks for the help though, that’s another vote for all the places you mentioned.

  7. Marble Bar of Western Australia set a world record of most consecutive days of maximum temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) or more, during a period of 160 such days from 31 October 1923 to 7 April 1924.

    During December and January, temperatures in excess of 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) are common, and the average maximum temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit during 6 months each year.

  8. recently went out to Qatar. temp through the day was around 46c! on one day site was nearly closed cos’ it nearly got upto 50c! i live in the uk, and these temps were hard work. it’s snowing now here in the uk!! kinda wish i was back at ras laffan!!!

  9. I live in Mesa, Arizona where in 2008 the average high temperature in July was 104 degrees F. We may not have the highest year round average, but I would say that the summer average exeeds that of most anywhere else. I have seen 10 consecutive days of over 107F, and that is not the worst.



  11. iraq is hot as hell. i’m over here now at camp bucca (umm qasr) and it’s already 120 degress and it’s not even 1pm yet. this is my third time in iraq, and it got up to 140 degrees.

  12. The Driest place on Earth is Antarctica (the worlds largest desert), due to it being so cold, warm air can not rise, therefore producing no or very minimal rainfall!

  13. the hottest place on earth is the Lut Desert in Iran with a top temperature of 70.7 degress celcius (159 Fahrenheit)

  14. The hottest place on Earth as of 2005 is in the Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7 degrees Celsius. This inviting region is abiotic – meaning without life; not even bacteria have been found. The specific hot zone, covering 480 square kilometers is called Gandom Beriyan (the toasted wheat). The high temperatures are party as a result of the dried, black lava rock which absorbs the heat of the desert sun – kind of like walking across a 480 kilometer bed of coals! Kilometers and kilometers of mountains and sand fill corridors between high ridges of rock and 150 meter tall sand dunes.

  15. The hottest place on warth was on Hiroshima and Nagasaki between the 6th and 9th August 1945 hwere temperatured rised from normal to 3,900 celsius (7,000 degrees Fahrenheit).. Pretty darn hot…

  16. Dallol, Ethiopia, is the hottest place on earth with an average yearly temperature of 307.55 C NOONE can live in these conditions its like an abandoned dessert!

  17. Not that this has much to do with it but i thought i would mention a time i did a little test as a kid.
    I decided to put a thermometer in the car and leave it suspended from the dome light to see how hot it would get while the temperature outside soared. It was the middle of summer and the car had been left outside in the sun while temperature outside was a record 40.8 degrees (Tasmania).
    After checking it every hour, 1, 2, 3 & 4pm the highest temperature reading was 61 at 3pm!
    I could barely breath…
    No wonder they say not to leave pets and kiddies in the car with the windows up.

  18. 45-47 no i have once went out to the desert to go quad biking and while we were in the car the temp read 59 degrees and it was a brand new volvo S80 thus no problem with the thermometer.

  19. These may not be the absolute hottest places on earth right now, but South Australia and Victoria have been enduring temperatures over 40deg C for days on end now. Tomorrow and Sunday, Sydney is predicted to have temperatures of up to 47deg C. I live in Sydney and am certainly not looking forward to those high temperatures. Pray for a cool change for us all with some rain please?

    For the previous poster, I don’t envy your 40 deg+ in the Middle East during July and August. It’s great that you enjoy it though.

  20. (ONE state will be the hottest place on Earth, another will burn and a third is still flooded.

    PARTS of Australia will be hotter than the African plains or Middle Eastern deserts this weekend, while other parts battle raging bushfires and still others cope with widespread flooding.

    New South Wales is forecast to become the hottest place on the planet on Sunday, with the current heatwave sending temperatures soaring to 47C. Worst hit will be residents in the western NSW towns of Ivanhoe, Tibooburra and Broken Hill.

    Sydney will not be spared either, with the mercury set to reach 44C in the western suburb of Penrith on Sunday.)

    This is a news article i read and i live in sydney and it definately went over 48°C and thats not where the worst of the heatwave was supposed to hit…

  21. Uhrmm Hiii (: Wellll Youu See I Have Stupiid ‘Old Geog Homework, That Has To Be In By Friday, To Find The Hottest, Coldest, Wettest, And Driest Places On Earth, Just Like Some Girl/Guy Abovee Me. I Noticed That She Didn’t Get Any Replies, But Pleeeeease Somebody Tapp Back! I Didn’t Hand It In Last Week, Cause I Completely Forgot, And I’ve Got This 109 Year Old Geog Teacher Who I Think Will Murderrrr Me If I Don’t Hand It In! I’ve Searched All The Other Sites, But The Results Are All Diff. Please Help,
    Thankyouu (: x


  22. Ya i think its hot where i am.. KUWAIT wafrah in the middle of the desert. In mid july the car temp. read 59 degrees celcuis.

  23. the hottest place on the earth is Death Valley, and i imagine the coldest place is the arctic, the wettest place errrr could it be the tropical rainforest? and the driest place would be sahara desert Dont know if thats of any help :S xx

  24. This is really hot
    Me, Arun & Aadish, Rob, Mandeep, Chris, Haliima, Sophie, Mr Edmead, Fayre, Alisha & LewisCodmaster r goin 2 liver here

  25. The hottest place on Earth as of 2005 is in the Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7 degrees Celsius. This inviting region is abiotic – meaning without life; not even bacteria have been found. The specific hot zone, covering 480 square kilometers is called Gandom Beriyan (the toasted wheat). The high temperatures are party as a result of the dried, black lava rock which absorbs the heat of the desert sun – kind of like walking across a 480 kilometer bed of coals! Kilometers and kilometers of mountains and sand fill corridors between high ridges of rock and 150 meter tall sand dunes.

    ***This temperature was recorded by one of NASA’s satellites.***

    Then it is El Azizia in Libya & Death Valley, California, USA with a temperature around 57 degrees Celsius.

  26. The hottest place on Earth as of 2005 is in the Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7 degrees Celsius. This inviting region is abiotic – meaning without life; not even bacteria have been found. The specific hot zone, covering 480 square kilometers is called Gandom Beriyan (the toasted wheat). The high temperatures are party as a result of the dried, black lava rock which absorbs the heat of the desert sun – kind of like walking across a 480 kilometer bed of coals! Kilometers and kilometers of mountains and sand fill corridors between high ridges of rock and 150 meter tall sand dunes.

  27. Get off your couches and see the world.

    “So you think it’s hot where you are? Not even close.”

    D*mned right I think it’s hot here. Try 56-57 Celsius for CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. Dibouti, Africa baby, a few miles away from Ethiopia. THIS IS HOT. 134 Farenheit for consecutive days. Asia? who are you kidding. I lived in asia. I’m US military, i’ve seen the damned world. Asia has nothng on Africa when it comes to heat. Maybe more humidity, and more people. I’m not exaggerating. you dont feel the heat getting hotter after a certain point. say 115 Farenheit. Give me a break people.

  28. always thought leonardo dicaprio was hot, but holy crap 136 degrees farenheit! thts really hot.

  29. I live in Phoenix and the temp. reaches to 118 on occaisions. So yes, fairly speaking, we do have it that bad. Last year there was 45 days that were over 110, which is pretty normal We even have records of 11 or 12 days that are 116 in the year alone. We can’t swim becauseits so hot.

  30. Are you joking?? Where i live, (mexicali, mexico) on summer, lower temperatures are of 46° Celsius, and maxium registered this year was 52° Celsius, but what makes me think you are joking is the humidity thing, i mean, here its really really dry, but when it gets very humid, it really feels horrible, you start sweating like if you have been excersising for hours, and its really hard to breath.
    When it is dry, and its 52° Celsius, it really does not feel so bad, at least i dont even use my car A/C.
    Still i cant imagine been at least one minute on that iran desert, that would really be a hot experience

  31. im kuwait is one of the hottest places on earth where the temperature is always at around 45C to 47C every day

  32. i just came back from india about a month ago and the weather is unbelevable where every day it went to about 45C it was extreamly hot and i could take the heat i had to stay in and even at night it was about 38C

  33. Assia is hot in everything, the weather is not talkable girls are cool and he hottest mentality which is full of scrab. When we refere to the hottest weather on earth some people miss understand and say Africa I will say those are people who never study even bit of geography or may be the book was written with errors. Asia is the birth place of heat. I have never experience such heat in any part of the Earth to the places I have been to but here in Asia My electricity bill runs above $140 as I turn on my Air corn day in and day out.
    China expecially with all their mentality thatAfrica is hot its the place where I am based corrently and I wonder which part of Africa is having such a heat here. yet they told me the city is not yet hot when it rise up to 42 Dc let the greographers work on this and sensitize those who deserve it.

  34. Antarctica is also holds the record for coldest place on Earth.
    The Atacama Desert is the driest known place on Earth (other than Antarctica)
    Kauai holds the record for wettest place on Earth.

  35. There is a big discussion about the hottest spot on Earth. Many believe it is in Al Azizyah, Libya, with a recorded temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit (57.8 Celsius), and the second hottest place being in Death Valley, California, USA, where it got up to 134 Fahrenheit in 1913. But according to other sites, a NASA satellite recorded surface temperatures as high as 71 °C (159 °F) in the Lut desert of Iran, supposedly the hottest temperature ever recorded on the surface of Earth. This region, which covers an area of about 480 kilometers, is called Gandom Beriyan (the toasted wheat).

  36. first, Mr. Fred from where are you?
    There are many hot places here in Asia but not the hottest place..
    If you go around Asia yourself, you’ll find out that it’s not the hottest place..
    Please stop talking nonsense

  37. It turns out that the place became known only because of the scorching sun and high temperatures. I do not dispute that 136 degrees Fahrenheit is davolno impressive, but I see little good in this!

  38. The contender for the hottest place on Earth should be Imperial Valley. California. The highest temperature ever recorded was 121 degrees in 1995. The average temperature is 110+ for 8 months of the year not counting october through which could be pretty cool. An average of 70- 90 degrees.

  39. Anyone who thinks this place is hot should spend a summer in the Imperial Valley. Imperial Valley is the most hottest habited place in the United State. People live there.

  40. the hottest place in the world is in san diego because that is where i live and i just ran for 10 miles and my nut sack is steeming hot. wow caliente

  41. ive been all round the world and california was 40 celcias and in awtumn in coffs harbour where you get the breese it still reached 49 celcious and when i was a little kid i was at maclean and it reached so hot we had the day off schoo every one there did it was 59.7 celciuos in awtomn

  42. im disable now for the past 3 years, and I got me a motar cycle and now im just trying to find some place to call home during the winter months, I just cant stand the cold any more, thanks for the info.

  43. I am affraid to say that i live in the hottest place on the earth. I am a chicken and i live in a oven in yorkshire, u.k. And always reaches 200 c everyday. Its roasting!

  44. hi my name is ste. My house has got to be the hottest place on earth as my mom burns everything she cooks lol

  45. Hi guys,
    my church is the hottst place on earth as the condensation from our breath heats it up as we all raise the roof every week!!

  46. This isn’t true. I was stationed in Djibouti, Africa and it got up to 140 F, and steady too during the summer. Not saying its the hottest on eart, but definately hotter than the so-called record on this site.

    I too used to live in phoenix many years, i graduated from there, and i remember it getting 110-120 degrees F easy. So take my word for it, Africa was beyond hotter than Phoenix.

  47. The hottest place on Earth in 2005 was in the Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7 degrees Celsius. nothing more to say…

  48. waiit what about the sarhara desert? what about that isn’t that hottest place on earth?

  49. Yeah SmartProduction, i would have thought the same……can anyone give an answer to our question?

  50. Ok 2 day was hot a station outside of town got 45celsius/113f with 0% humidity damn almst died haha

  51. i was 200km from marble bar western australia and it reach 55degrees c 131F at 9am in the morning

  52. I live in Nawabshah , Pakistan

    Where April to October weather is so warm and in May June there temperature is 52 ºC = 125.6 ºF every day , also electricity problem create more problems

  53. Hottest place in this world is Lut desert(70.7 degree C) …. i have been there in my maruti 800 car & when the car broke down i had to walk 54 km at a temp. of 68.3 in search of camel to tow the car….. and when i was back with 3 camels i was surprised to see the car melting….. then i was stranded in the desert for 4 days during which i ate the camel’s meat roasted on the black lava rock. Finally i managed to get out of the desert when a UFO came out of nowhere and it took me to a planet called Gzutez, 11.7 light year far from earth. There i met aliens and got to know their style of living. And they also felt sad for my Maruti 800 car and gave me a Lamborghini Gallardo. They have suggested me not to go to hot places, so currently i am staying @ Nepal on the top of mount everest which is pretty cold. Anyways i thank you for reading this comment… i hope i wasted 1-2 min of ur precious time… hehe

  54. It is only like 72F where i am London England Europe and im going to iran to see if it is THE HOTTEST PLACE the hottest place i ever went to was the plillipines. The second hottest place i went to was florida to visit my grandma and the coldest place i went to was Greenland dont go there like 51F when i went there IN AUGUST! And the second coldest place i went to was iceland to do some research on the volcanos and it was was about 59 60 degrees there so if you guys want more info on hot places ask me and i will go there and record the tep thanx your friend sergio. OH and cold places and antactica to i have been the -87F when i went so bye now!

  55. You should go to alaska around December if you want to experience the cold. Try living here at -60 below farienheit.

  56. i was in dubai,united arab emirates,(in the middle east) and it was 50 degrees celcius,2 degrees celcius away from the middle east record of 52 degrees celcius!

    p.s. it was hot lol :0

  57. Today in Kuwait, a middle eastern country, the temperature reached 60C at noon. I couldn’t stand outside for a minute. It’s even much much hotter inside the cars because cars are closed.
    I’m determined to try baking a cake inside a closed car sometime in this long, lovely Summer xD

  58. Hi, the temperature of Lut Desert in Iran is measured 70.7 degrees Celsius.
    Lut desert is the hottest place on the earth…

  59. You people are sseriously ticking me off. This site is absolutely right on the ball. You think just where you are is the hottest. Im from Baudette, Minnesota, Coldest place in the USA, known as the ice box. Here what you sound like,

    Oh, my gosh, this morning I stepped outside and it was like 2 degrees out.

    Baudette has to be the hottest because the pavement was hot today.

    Its supposed to be -20 degrees tommorow, this has to be the hottest spot in the world!!!

    It sounds just as silly with everyone else.

  60. the hottest place on earth is in the philippines, go to mendiola , manila and find malacanang palace, it is called hell

  61. U r all retards the hottest average temperature in the world is wyndham in the Kimberley region of western australia and the yearly average is 35.6 degrees celcius I live south east of wydham in kununurra where the average is 35.3 an now u c dallol is not the hottest temperature average , wyndham is

  62. I think the hottest plavces in this planet are found in middle east.Examples of such countries are Qatar,UAE,Saudi arabia ,Afghanistan etc

  63. the hottest place on the planet to live is in the southeast US between nashville and birmingham.. mostly tennessee and alabama.. contrary to what is popular belief all these desert places. seldom have these extreme temperatures on a regular basis and even if the did they only peak a few hours a day and then the temperature plummet during the night considerably.. really leaving only a few uncomfortable hours even if they are truly uncomfortable.. Ive been to las vegas when its 120 degrees and i thought OMG , but it seemed quite comfortable to me, coming from the TN. and growing up in so. florida which i never felt uncomfortable with temps in the upper 80’s to low 90’s year round. the truth is humidity affects how the body feels in heat in cold – infact the body can not sense temperature at all, if you dont believe try this; go out side at 30 degrees and touch a piece of aluminum and then touch a wool sweater. and tell me which is colder..? ofcourse the’re the same temp but the body feels heat loss to be more exact.. so. wetness prevails over temp. u cant get hyperthermic at 60 degrees , well you can if you are sitting in a pool at 60 degrees.. so you must take water into account in the affect of temp on the body and survivability.. now just so you know the SE of US gets more rain and moisture than anyplace on earth inc rainforest and se asia and seattle for those who think it rains there and london for you folks too. now take into account that the SE US is hotter than all places other than those few deserts mentioned.. and taking humidity into account -when 120 in las vegas feels like 105 because of the dryness and take 100 in memphis that feels like 115.. and take the account that temperature dont plummet at night and humidity rises from the gross 70 to 95% at night so when temps bottom at 5 am around 85 index of heat is still above 100 . basically – the daily min max temps are between 100 -115 – where as the desert might see the real feel index. between 60 at night and 105 in the day.., this is about 15- 30 degree increase in real feel of heat.. over length of considerable time. that is r ordinary weather in the south east US.. i dare anyone to compare the real feel temps. with anywhere in the world.. sorry to say to u people in AU and in the desert. you are blessed with comfortable weather .. dont believe come live here from june 10 till oct 20th.. i will promise you will love the climate anywhere else . and by the time the weather here gets cooler all we have is rain and rain and more rain.. its hell on earth any place inclu antartica i d rather live

  64. heat index is according to the weather website is 122 degrees right now
    Bellevue, Nashville, TN
    Current Nashville Weather, Set as Default Current Conditions, Historical Data & Charts
    100.1 °F 80 °F 53%
    SSE at 0.0 mph
    29.81 in 0.00 in / hr heat index 122 °F

  65. Yes the Mideast is quite hot but nothing compares to the heat index out here in southeast Louisiana. It has been consistently 120-125 a high of -128. The humidity here robs your body the ability to cool itself through sweating. In the desert it vaporizes. Here your sweat just sticks to you and will over heat you quickly.

  66. No america it’s not hot compared to Australia example marble bar western australia 166 days of over 40 degrees Celsius in a row
    And middle east Baghdad 50 degrees cricoid or more for 3months a year

  67. try living in Seattle washington. 149% humidty, category 5 hurricane, 6 degrees(-14C), sun spot point 5.2 vertex araption, and my shlong grew 4 inches. just a typical day in Seattle

  68. === The hottest air temperature ever recorded on earth:

    2005 in the Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7° Celsius which is 159.26° Fahrenheit. (the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrophotometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite actually records this as surface temperature, so the record doesn’t apply)

    Previous to this on Sept. 13, 1922 El Azizia in Libya 57.8 °C (136°F)

    Death Valley, California, USA, where it got up to 57.1°C (134°F) on July 10, 1913.

    Highest average:

    The hottest average is Kalahari desert in South Africa=43.3 degrees Celsius=109.94 F

    Dallol, Ethiopia, is the most consistently warm place on earth with an average yearly ambient surface air temperature of 34.4°C = 93.92F

  69. I survived one week in Arfoud, Morocco, during the day from 57 to 62 C, and during the night pleasantly cold 35 C. u never go to pee, u just drink 5 bottles of water a day ;). I recommend to carry the bottle close to u!!

  70. Iran does have the hottest temperature on earth, but it is not a hot country in general. it does live up to its standards because its close to the equator.
    in tehran, it snows in the winters and so does most of the northern parts of the country. if you want to know how iran’s climate is in different parts of the country.

  71. I’ve just realized that fitzroy crossing kimberley region western Australia is higher than I mentioned with whyndham as Wyndham is 35.6 and fitzroy crossing is 36.1

  72. hi guys
    beleive me the hottest place in earth is “Gandom beryan” region near “shahdad” in kerman privince of iran. the average yearly temp that recorded by Prof krduni here is 40 degrees. political issues made a big question mark of iran.

  73. Ever heard about Jacobabad and Sibbi in Pakistan? one of the hottest places and Siachen, also in Pakistan, the coldest place.

  74. According to google the hottest temperature was in El Azizia Libya 136F so STOP LYING ABOUT IRAQ LIBYA IS THE HOTTEST PLACE EVER IN THE WORLD

  75. Actually, there is a drier region. The Atacama Desert, Chile. It receives 1/100 of an inch of rain a year, on average! This is due to the fact that the Humboldt Current carries all moisture away from the desert, and the fact that it is in the rain shadow of one of the world’s tallest mountain ranges: The Andes at the same time. It would take over 100 years for the rain there to fill a coffee cup.

  76. THE hottest…place on earth is in Kuwait, sitting on a 747 with no a/c on a 53 c day…just a big metal thermal heat sink with no air movement.There’s also humidity of 80%….Phoenix is a garden spot by comaprison Period. Been there, done that, don’t got the t-shirt!

    The earths core and nuclear temps are great….if you could survive there.

  77. In Cyprus last year, our temperature has reached 46°C (114.8 °F) making one of the hotest places in Asia during that year and one of the highest temperatures in Cyprus. In addition, Cyprus has an average summer temperature about 40°C (104 °F).

  78. According to David Attenborugh, the driest place on Earth is Antartica. I think it’s call the Dry Valleys. Some alledge that it hasn’t rained there in 2 millon years. i don’t know whether ot not that’s true or not.

    Also, I read that the Lybian desert recently broke Death Valley’s record for the hottest recorded temparture.

  79. Richards Bay (South Africa) is very hot and humid. You perspire as if you are doing intense exercise. I recorded at temperature of 45.6 deg Celcius; with the high humidity it is unbearable.

  80. The Sahara Desert is the hottest place on Earth. I’ve been over there in southern Algeria and in Upper Egypt many times and my thermometer read as high as 55 °C in the shade. I’ve never felt a kind of heat like this.

    I know some soldiers who have been in many deserts especially in Mali, in Niger and in Djibouti and they told me it was a scorcher, they were using the natural heat to cook their meals.

  81. We don’t care about what is the highest thermometer reading found on the planet. A single superheated day doesn’t mean that a place is the hottest. I do speak about long-term average temperatures and the summer heat is very great in the Sahara, especially where the borders of Algeria, Mali and Mauritania meet.

    I’m also speaking about long-sustained heat, not only in summer but during the course of the year. By this point of view, eternally scorching wastes of Africa like the Afar Desert and the southern half of the Sahara are way above the others ‘hot deserts’.

  82. I agree with you. It’s very very hot in the Sahara. I personally experienced the extreme weather conditions when I was in southern Algeria, at Adrar knowned over there for being one of the hottest places.

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