What Does the Red Sun Symbol of the Zia On a Field of Yellow On the New Mexico State Flag Represent?

The design of the New Mexico state flag features a red zia on a field of gold.

The zia symbolizes the Sun and reflects the beliefs of the ancient Zia Pueblo Indians.

They believed that four was a sacred number, and each of the four sets of four lines radiating from the center circle represent aspects of life on Earth.

what does the red sun symbol of the zia on a field of yellow on the new mexico state flag represent

They symbolize the Circle of Life: four winds, four seasons, four directions, and four sacred obligations.

The colors of the flag honor Isabella I of Castile, her Habsburg heirs and the conquistadors who explored in her name.

Dr. Harry Mera an archaeologist from Santa Fe, New Mexico designed the state flag in 1915.

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