What Does the Word “Equestrian” Mean in Latin and How Did the Term For a Horseback Rider Originate?

Equestrian is a word used to describe a competitive horseback rider and entered English in 1656 as meaning a “knight on horseback.”

The horse has evolved over fifty million years to become the majestic animal exhibited at various competitions today.

Equestrian is from the Latin word for horse, which is equus.

what does the word equestrian mean in latin and how did the term for a horseback rider originate

The Detroit Tigers baseball team acquired its name in 1901 when the club’s ball players wore yellow-and-black socks.

Sports editor Philip Reid thought the socks were similar to those worn by the Princeton University Tigers football team.

The New Jersey Nets basketball team chose its name because the word rhymed with the names of other professional sports teams in New York, namely the Mets baseball club and the Jets football team.

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