What Happened to the Pig From the Movie Babe and Did the Pig Get Turned into Pork Chops?

To refresh your memory, Babe was a 1995 film that tells the story of a pig that wants to be a sheep dog.

babe the piglet

The film is based on the book The Sheep-Pig and filmed in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia.

Babe was also a box office success, was very warmly received.

All forty-eight piglets used in the making of Babe were spared the slaughterhouse.

The producers have promised the public that the pigs were all given to universities, colleges, and farms with room enough for them to live out their natural lives in peace.

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3 thoughts on “What Happened to the Pig From the Movie Babe and Did the Pig Get Turned into Pork Chops?”

  1. The pig in the original film died of natural causes in 2002.The pig in the second movie was cooked and eaten at the post-production dinner.

  2. When production was finished, James Cromwell wanted to make sure all the 48 pigs used in the production of Babe, lived the full extent of their lives. They all went to agricultural farms and schools and lived out their lives naturally.
    The “Babe” that James was photographed with for promotional purposes, was given to a lady who ran a hobby farm – Pam Ahern, and she named the pig Edgar Allen Pig. From that simple act, Edgars Mission was born.
    Edgar Allen Pig was given to Pam in 2002 and he died peacefully in 2010.
    As a bit of interest, James was a vegetarian when he came to Australia to film Babe. He became Vegan during production and still remains that way.
    Edgars Mission has gone on to save countless farm animals (plus a couple of dogs and cats) over the years.

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