What Is the Difference Between Oysters and Clams?

Both clams and oysters are a class of mollusks, called bivalves. All bivalves have two shells held together by hinges.

what is the difference between oysters and clams

One big difference between oysters and clams is that the oyster spends all of its life except its first few weeks attached to one spot. The clam moves itself around throughout its life by means of a foot, a hatchet-shaped muscle which protrudes from the shell.

The clam pushes its foot out, hooks it in the sand, and pulls itself along. Oysters have a foot like this when they are very young, but it disappears when the oyster finds a place to settle.

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  1. …An oyster. Oysters are much cooler than clams. Oysters know what they want from life and are comfortable just the way they are. Clams are always running around seeking an identity. The only good place for a clam is in my chowder. Who’s with me? Oyster supporters unite! Oyster crackers rule!

  2. The Information here is pretty clear, but i wish there was more.
    nd’ by the way for the clam vs. oyster, i think clams are MUCH cooler than oysters. i mean, who likes sitting around in the same spot all day? not me!
    though i agree the clam’s right place to be is in my chowder.

  3. Clams have 5 letters yet oysters have 7. Clams start with the letter “C”, whereas oysters start with the letter “o”. Hope that helps!

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