What Is The Driest Place In The World?

The Atacama Desert in Chile is the Driest Place in the World.

Weather bureau records show an average of three hundredths of an inch of rain per year. However, there are places farther inland, on the prairies, or pampas where not one single drop of rain has ever been recorded.

There are some farms on the pampas, though. The water to nourish the plants grown on these farms comes from storms in the Andes Mountains that, every ten years or so, wends torrents of water rushing down to cover the pampas in flash floods.

Along the coast, where the Atacama Desert rises directly from the ocean, there is so little rain that houses have holes in the roofs. In the mid-1950’s, there was a great “flood.”

It rained all day, enough so that the rain actually came inside.