What Is the Greatest Number of Children Ever Born at One Time?

When three children are born to a woman at the same time, we call them triplets, and when the number of children is four, we call them quadruplets.

You won’t see the word decaplets too often, that’s ten children born at the same time! But it has happened, three times! The most recent case occurred in Brazil in 1946.

Most often, when that many children are born at the same time, some are too weak to survive. The greatest number of children that were born at the same time and survived was six. These children are called sextuplets.

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  1. This article was obviously written before octo- mom had her babies. Actually I think 8 babies is now the world record for surviving babies. I’m not sure why ANYONE would want 8 newborns at once (or 3). I love kids, I have 5 of them but I am so glad I had them one at a time!!!

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