What Women Had the Greatest Number of Children?

Incredible as it seems, the greatest number of children born to a woman is 69. And there have been two women who claimed that number of births!

Mrs. Fyodor Vassilet was born in Russia in 1707. During her lifetime, she gave birth to 16 sets of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets, for a total of 69 children.

The second woman who gave birth to 69 children was Mrs. Bernard Scheinberg, who lived in Austria in the late 1800s. Like Mrs. Vassilet, Mrs. Scheinberg produced 69 children, all multiple births.

When she died in 1911, at the age of 56, her husband remarried and had 18 more children with his second wife, for a total of 87 children!

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  1. ya, it would be nice to know how they did that, they probably had some nannies to help……. they MUSTVE, they couldnt do all that on their own!!! how do u keep track of all that??

    as for ‘wow… i would never do’, no one has any control over how many kids their bodies decide to produce, & u cant just get rid of some of ur kids….. unless u managed to find a couple who couldnt get their bodies to work, then it wouldnt be so bad ridding of some kids.

  2. “no one has any control over how many kids their bodies decide to produce”

    They do have control, the control is called Sex or Abstinence, they had sex they chose to have children by doing that…

    Getting RID of children, how terribly nice. I bet you’re glad your mummy didn’t do that to you. How old are you? 10?

  3. When i grow up I’m gonna beat the man’s record of 87 children total. My aim is 101 dalmations of children

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