What Is The Hornet Spook Light?

The Hornet Spook Light, also called the Tri-State Spook Light, or Hornet Ghost Light, has been scaring people for more than 70 years.

It is described as a luminous, shining spot that floats in mid-air. Some people say it looks like a bobbing lantern. Its hometown is Neosho, Missouri.

No one has been able to explain it, and scientists who have tried can only say that it might be mine gas. It has been known to follow people when they are driving in their cars. It flies very close to the rear window and shines in.

Other drivers who have seen the light ahead of their cars have chased it for miles. They never manage to get very close to it, and after a while, it disappears.

Many tell of being chased home at night by the light. Others who have moved away from Neosho often return with their children to show them the light that used to chase them when they lived in this small town.