What Is Spooky About Spook Hill?

Spook Hill is a most unusual street in Lake Wales, Florida. While there are no spooks, ghosts, or goblins living on the street, the strange and mysterious happenings there have given Spook Hill its name.

If you were standing at the bottom of Spook Hill and dropped a ball, the ball would roll uphill!
If you were in a car at the bottom of Spook Hill, and the driver released the brake, the car would roll uphill!

If you dumped out a pail of water at the bottom of Spook Hill, the water would flow uphill!

It seems that the law of gravity, the force that pulls things down to earth, is somehow mysteriously ignored at Spook Hill. Is Spook Hill really an exception to the law of gravity? Does some unknown magnetic force exist at Spook Hill? Or is Spook Hill only an optical illusion?

If anyone knows the answer, they’re not telling!

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3 thoughts on “What Is Spooky About Spook Hill?”

  1. You are all retarted. But this book is freaking awesome, even if it’s complete . can u post the deets on spooky hill. Address??

  2. Nothing spooky in this phenomenon. There’s a similar street somewhere in Romania (Europe) and the scientist have declared an optical illusion.

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