What Is the Ionosphere, What Is the Temperature of the Ionosphere, and How High Is the Ionosphere Above Earth?

The ionosphere layer of the atmosphere overlaps the mesosphere and thermosphere and is the uppermost part of the atmosphere.

The temperature of the ionosphere ranges from about 200K, or -73 ºC (-99.4 ºF) to 500K, or 227 ºC (440.6 ºF).

So basically at the bottom it is 200K. At the top it is 500K. K is in Kelvin. That means the range in Celsius would be -73 ºC to 227 ºC, and in Fahrenheit it would be -99.4 ºF to 440.6 ºF.

The ionosphere can be described as a shell of electrons and electrically charged atoms and molecules that surrounds the Earth.

It is located about 50 km to more than 1000 km above the earth’s surface.

In the ionosphere, some molecules become electrically charged, which enables them to reflect radio waves back to Earth, and this enables radio propagation to distant places on the Earth.

In 1947, Edward V. Appleton was awarded a Nobel Prize for his confirmation of the existence of the ionosphere in 1927.