What Is the Longest Bridge In the United States and How Long Is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway?

The longest bridge in the United States is also the longest over-water bridge in the world: the 24-mile (38-km) long Lake Pontchartrain Causeway near New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York City is the longest suspension bridge in the United States, with a span of 4,260 feet (1,298 m).

Close behind is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, with a span of 4,200 feet (1,219 m).

what is the longest bridge in the united states and how long is the lake pontchartrain causeway

Those two bridges are the sixth and seventh-longest suspension bridges in the world; Japan, Denmark, England, and China have longer ones.

The Mackinac Straits suspension bridge in Michigan is the ninth-longest suspension bridge in the world and the third-longest in the United States, at 3,800 feet (1,158 m).

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