What should you do if you are charged by a Gorilla and want to survive?

First of all, complain to your credit card company, okay, okay, so it’s an old joke.

Being charged by a gorilla can be a very serious thing, so let us not digress any further.

The good news is that gorillas are normally very shy and amiable, the bad news is that if you wander into their territory, the male leader will charge at you, beating his chest and looking mighty mean as the females and children run in the other direction.

Gorillas may not have any natural enemies, but they’re not real keen on trespassers.

So what do you do if a gorilla comes running at you, beating his chest and growling?

You must, at all costs, not do the rational thing and run. Intruders who run away are often chased down and killed. Instead, screw up your courage, stand up straight, and hold your ground.

Those who do are almost never harmed.