What Was Nikola Tesla’s Star Wars Invention That He Proposed To End Warfare?

Tesla hated warfare, and one of his dreams was to find a scientific way to end it.

He thought it could be reduced to “a mere spectacle of machines.”

In 1934, he announced that he had found a way to do this.

His invention was a weapon that could send through the air “concentrated beams of charged particles so powerful they could bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 250 miles.”

Tesla tried to get countries around the world interested in his “peace beam” without success.

However, the idea was based on sound scientific ideas. Even today, the United States is working on a system called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

It’s an idea very similar to Tesla’s, in which any missiles launched toward the United States would be destroyed in the air by charged-particle beams from orbiting satellites.

Tesla did not reveal all the details of his “peace beam.”

They might have been in his scientific papers, which disappeared right after his death.