What Was The Biggest Lobster In The World?

The record for the biggest Lobster in the world was 34 pounds in 1992. When you remember that the average size is between 1.5 and 2 pounds, you realize how big that is.

Most people think that all lobsters are a dull green, but they aren’t. Sometimes the American lobster is a bright blue or even red. Lobsters eat both live and dead fish, and they do a great deal to keep the ocean floor clean.

When they are hunting live fish, they dig a hole in the ocean floor about two feet deep and enter it tail first. Then, they wait with their big pincers at the ready.

Lobsters lay a large number of eggs. They are laid in mid-summer and stick to the underside of the female’s tail. One 17 inch female had 63,000 eggs attached to her! When the eggs hatch, the tiny lobsters look more like shrimp then anything else.

They swim to the surface of the ocean, and most of them become food for some other fish. Those that survive change their shells three times before becoming adults.