What was the Fiercest Predatory Bird of All Time and How Did the Terror Birds Get Their Name?

Andalgalornis Steulleti was a species of giant flightless predatory birds, also known as “terror birds”.


It lived in Argentina and the South Americas until about 2 million years ago, and was the fiercest bird in the world.

Depending on the species, it ranged in height from between three to nine feet tall.

Sporting a three-foot-long head, the largest of these birds ran 45 mph and roosted on eggs the size of soccer balls.

This terrible carnivore’s beak was razor sharp and big enough to swallow many victims whole.

Studying it has given us a new respect for our friends, the chickens.

Academy Award Winning Flimmaker Satyajit Ray used this creature in one of his short-stories “Brihachanchu” meaning big beak.

Not Something You’d Want to Meet Up with in a Dark Aerie.