What Was The First Underwater Hotel In The World?

As wild, weird, and wonderful as it may sound, there is a hotel located underwater. The only way you can get in the front door is to swim.

If you decide that you may need extra bathing suits or other items, you’ll have to carry them in a watertight bag and drag them through the water, because there are no porters to help you with your luggage.

The hotel is called La Parra, and it is located 49 feet below the water off the coast of Malaga, Spain. La Parra can take care of only twelve guests at a time, and it is made up of a series of glass bubbles. One is for sleeping, another is a kitchen.

There are dormitories, a living room, and several other rooms for different uses. Everyone says it is very comfortable. One of things people like to do best at this hotel is lie around on the bottom of the sea and listen to music.

The music is piped in through speakers that cause the glass to vibrate, so you not only hear the sound, you feel it.