What Were Okuninushi’s Ordeals In Japanese Mythology and How Was Okuninushi’s Life Restored?

According to Japanese mythology, Okuninushi’s eighty brothers were furious when they heard of the white rabbit’s promise.

They resolved to murder Okuninushi by rolling a heated boulder down a hill onto him.

Okuninushi, believing it was a wild boar, leaped out to capture it.

As he seized the boulder, the rock burned through his flesh and killed him.

Wailing with grief, Okuninushi’s mother successfully begged the gods to restore him to life.

Finding Okuninushi still alive, the brothers tried again, this time by rigging a giant tree to fall on him as he strolled down a path.

Again, the brothers were successful, and Okuninushi was left dead beneath the tree.

But his mother, once again, convinced the gods to restore him to life.

Fearing for her son’s life, she persuaded Okuninushi to ask the god Susano for advice to end the feud.