What were some Early African American Publications from 1827-1860?

Freedom’s Journal (New York City, 1827-1829)

Rights of All (New York City, 1829)

Weekly Advocate (New York City, 1837)

Colored American (New York City, 1837-1841)

National Reformer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1838-1839)

Mirror of Liberty (New York City, 1838-1840)

Northern Star and Freemen’s Advocate (Albany, New York, 1842) Mystery (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1843-1847)

Ram’s Horn (New York City, 1846-1848)

North Star (Rochester, New York, 1847-1851)

Aliened American (Cleveland, Ohio, 1852-1856)

Christian Recorder (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1852-1860)

Mirror of the Times (San Francisco, California, 1855)

Frederick Douglass’s Paper (Rochester, New York, 1851-1859) Douglass’s Monthly (Rochester, New York, 1859-1860)

Weekly Anglo-African (New York City, 1859-1860)

Anglo-African Magazine (New York City, 1859-1861)