When Did Thomas Edison Invent The Phonograph?

No! But the first recording was made on exactly the same kind of wax paper that is used in a kitchen to wrap foods.

As a matter of fact, Thomas Edison got the wax paper he used from his kitchen. On July 18,1877, Edison attached a blunt needle to the little vibrator that is part of a telephone transmitter.

When he spoke, the vibrator vibrated, and so did the needle. Edison placed the wax paper under the needle and shouted, “Hall000!” The needle made tiny marks on the surface of the wax paper.

He then took another machine, one that would make sound louder, attached the vibrator and the needle to it, and ran the whole device over the marks in the wax paper. Back came his faintly recognizable “Hall000.”

The next recording was made on a piece of tin foil and consisted of Edison reciting the first stanza of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”