When Was Scotch Tape Invented?

Cellophane, which was invented in 1920, is made from cellulose, a substance found in the cell walls of plants.

In 1929, scientists were trying to find a tape that could be used to seal packages wrapped in cellophane. One young scientist had an idea: Why not use cellophane itself, coating it with glue to form a tape.

Before long, an American company was selling this new tape, called Scotch tape. Why Scotch? No one knows!

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2 thoughts on “When Was Scotch Tape Invented?”

  1. Why Scotch?
    “Use of the term “Scotch” in the name has a pejorative origin. To cut costs 3M applied the adhesive only to the edges of the tape. A remark was made by a St. Paul automobile detailer that the stingy Scotch bosses needed to put more adhesive on it, and the name has stuck ever since.”
    at least thats what wikipedia says ;)

  2. I would like to think (or should I say hope) that a company as large as 3M would not have based the product name on a derogatory comment like that.

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