When Will You Stop Growing?

Girls reach their full height when they are about 18 years old, but boys keep growing taller for a few more years.

There are two periods in your life when you grow very rapidly. The first period began right after you were born and lasted until you were about six months old.

baby sleeping

The second period occurs when you reach your early teens. Girls grow faster than boys until they become teenagers, then boys catch up and grow faster and stronger.

Your head stops growing earlier than the rest of you. When you were a newborn baby, you looked as if you were almost all head. By the time you were 10, your head was nearly full size.

The bones of your arms and legs were short when you were a baby. When you reached the age of 9, your bones started to grow rapidly and will keep growing until you reach your full height.

Besides growing taller, your body changes in other ways. When a boy is about 13 years old, his voice begins to get deeper and he may begin to grow a beard. About the age of 13, a girl’s body begins to look and function like a woman’s.

Inside the bodies of both teenage girls and boys, important changes are taking place, changes that make it possible for boys and girls, when they are older, to become fathers and mothers.

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  1. im almost 19 & a girl. i started having pains in my back, hips, & knees not long ago for no apparent reason. my mom said i went through the same thing about 4 years ago before growing 2″

  2. My period came early when i was in primary school . Now I am very short and i’m scared I cant grow anymore …

  3. when you do yoga your might gets stronger, make sure you stretch after the yoga session (the yoga is primarily stretching, just make sure you stretch while standing) this will promote energy throughout your body which could help that to be your height of a taller size

  4. i got my first period and well…….
    not growing much. Now i had my second period. Do i start growing now? or after teh period? reply please!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ugh im 16 and male 5″2 hopefully they’ll be some big changes during this year.. and damn I cant get any girls lol =P I can only impress.. not gett maybe get if I try harder..

  6. lol i stretch too and yeah I guess it could help but really idk but I stretch alot too get in the habit of stretching cause I wanna look tall all the time. although most of the time I stretch on ground. sometimes while standing

  7. im a female im 14, i’l be 15 this month i’m currently 5’2 1/2 i started my period when i was about 12 maybe just turned 13, do you think i will grow any taller, i kinda like the height im at the now and would like to stay this height because growing up i was always one of the tallest kids in my class and now there are more people taller than me and i kinda like it.

  8. Hi,
    My name is Bethany i am 12 years old.
    i started my period when i was 11.
    i am about 5ft4.
    i am the tallest in my class and i dont like it.
    I want to stop growing,
    Any idias?

  9. I am on this site asking questions about my 12 yr old daughter-I want her to be tall, but short is whom my 8 year old will be and she too is a beauty! Be happy with who you are-height is just a number-Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are smart and beautiful/handsome. Say it everyday and you will begin to feel that you are both. I tell my kids that God doesn’t make mistakes-we are who we are supposed to be! I was told that I would never have kids-I have 3. I wouldn’t care if they were green and 2 feet tall. Look in your mirror and shine young ones-life is fun, breath and believe it is fun and it will be!!!! Love is all around you!

  10. I am 19. 6 foot and like it becaus i am taller than most, yet I wouldn’t mind being that little bit taller. Here’s to hope!

  11. i am only 5ft4&1/2 , earlier i used to be the tallest in my class & you know what ? i likked it very much.
    but now almost everyone was getting taller than me.luckyly i changed my school. every girl
    was feeling so happy & proud that they were getting taller than me , they used to tease me everyday indirectly . in the new school almost everyone is taller than me. i just turned 14 and don’t
    know what to do to get tall. my mother is not tall my father is only 5ft8 . my elder brother’s wife is so
    evil she teases my mother and fell happy about being taller than me . she is only 5ft5 only half a inch
    taller than me & fell proud. and now because of her everyone in the house wants me to become 5.6
    i am so much in tension what the hell should i do.

  12. Dear Haniff,

    I can not assure you the average height for a 15 year old. I am 11 and a half and 159cm. The tallest in my class.

  13. Ugh puberty. That time of the month AGAIN?!?!?! lol. Well, I am 5’5 and I’m only 12. I have always been tall but now I look like a little skinny line. Yeah, the upper half of me is developing but hips…. yeah. When do they come in? It’s not fair how some of my friends get attention because they weigh more and developed faster. So do I have like a year to go or something?

  14. Having ur period doesn’t really stop u from growing. i got my first period when i was 11 and 5’3”. Now i’m 17 and 5’10”.At the time most people thought i would be at most 5’6″ but nope. I havent taken a cm ince last year so i’m probally done.God thank u because i hate being giant! But the thing is that my body is a bit special, it produces too much hormones. btw drinking milk also does help alot.

  15. i am 14 and just under 5ft and have always been rly short especially when i started middle school a couple of years ago i was about 52 inches tall when i was 11 and that is the average 8 year old

  16. i am boy 16 and half years old i am 1.78 santimeters high but i was playing basketbal before 1 year hope i reach 1.80-2

  17. omg this world going crazy the avarage heigh gor mans is 1.78.. for gils 1.65 now 11 years old girl 1.70 you are some stupid and boys 13 years old 2 meters.. stop taking those steroids and anabolites.. they make you growth but they have bad side effect!

  18. You just got your “friend” so most likely you will keep growing. Usally you stop growing after 2 years of consitant periods. best of luck to you

  19. Drinking coffee and pop does help you stop growing but has side effects
    seriously you are 5’4 and 12 ????
    I am 14 and 4’11 and 3/4

    5’4 is not that tall. Its average for grown women. If you have had your period for about 2 years STRAIGHT you will slow down in height and foot growth.

  20. i wouldn’t worry too much as long as you eat right and stay fit and haven’t had your “friend” for more then two years

  21. Hi im a boy at the age of 17 im 6ft 5, ive always been the tallest or one of the tallest in my classes. Does anyone know if I will grow anymore?

  22. uugghh
    ok so my name is well lets just call me jasmine,
    im 12,13 in january my current height is 4’11 (almost 5′ but not quiet)
    ive had my “friend” for prty much 2 1/2 years straight now(except for one point where it skipped 2 months but is was the same ever sence)
    im the shortest in ALL my classes, i realy never started early (not much development) but it just seemed 2 come earler than other ppls but anywho,
    will i grow any more?
    and is there any particular things(il do anything that doest require sugery,shots or pills 2 much money) i can do 2 increase my height? how much growth do i got left?
    and i kno this sounds odd but my head seems kinda small on me(im not fat or big boned) will it grow any more like AT ALL.
    thanks,srry if i babbled 2 much!

  23. Okay well I’m gonna be 13 in 2 weeks I’m a girl and this summer I grew an inch. Normally I grow less that half an inch during the summer now I’m 5’3 1/2 and my legs hurt like all the time. My friends seemed to grow a lot taller after they turned 13 and will I do that it seems like I am, and I’ve always been one of the tallest in my class.

  24. well i have never gotten my period and i am 12 and turning 13 in november so how do i know when i can get it need help

  25. i am 12 turning 13 in September, and i haven’t gotten my period yet
    i’m probably around 5’2 or 5’3 i don’t really know…
    how tall would i be ?

  26. i am 6ft 2, and i am only 13. when will i stop growing and how tall will i be? i want to be realy tal when i stop hopefully 6ft 8-9 any help?

  27. I didnt get mine till i was 16 and im 5″6.5 – its not spectacularly tall/small (Im 18 and so doubt this will change) Alot of it is down to your genetic make up.

  28. Its totaly random. I got mine when I was 16 (very late) but my younger sister got hers when she was 11. I wouldn’t go looking for it if I were you though =)

  29. i’m 17 and i’m only 5ft 1 i’m so sad i hope I could get to 5ft5 that’s perfect when can i get to 5ft 5 :((

  30. WHAT? I am nearly 14 and im only 5″. i have had my period since I was 12. Does that mean I’m not going to grow?

  31. I just turned 18 this month and am only 5’5″. My voice only cracked a month ago or so and I still don’t have facial hair. I only started growing when I was about 16 or 17.

  32. I’m 13 and a girl and 5ft7 / 8 and shoe size 9 and I started my period when I was around 11 is there any chance I will be around 5ft 10 ? or will I stop growing now?

  33. First of all, I don’t think getting your period has anything to do with your height, that’s a completely different system from your bones.
    Second, girls tend to stop growing around high school, but guys usually grow until their twenties.

  34. OMG, thanks!!! I started my period when I was 10 and am now 12 and 4ft 10″, I was starting to get scared that I’d NEVER grow taller.

    P.S Does anyone know when a girl’s breasts should start to look more mature because I’ve had breasts buds since I was 7 and now my bra size is negative 3 inches. Seriously, is this normal? When should a girl’s breasts hit a AA cup, because I can’t even fit into crop tops.

  35. I don’t know how tall you’ll be but I’m sure that you’re not very short. I’m 12 and 4ft 10″ and I got my period at 10!!! Believe me, you DON’T want your period AT ALL. Boys nowadays are so immature and will make fun out of a girl for having her period at any chance he gets.

  36. I’ve had my period for 2 years (when I was 10) and am now 4ft 10″ and I’m now 12 so there’s really no telling…

  37. i’m 14 years old i’m 5’3 ft . i started my period when i’m 12 years old . will i stop growing ? just asking =)

  38. im 14 and only 5’2.
    mum= 5’3
    dad= 5’11

    Will i get to 5’9? Thats my ideal height because i want to be a model…
    i got my period when i was twelve, only a few months before turning 13.
    i dont think ive gotten my growth spurt yet…
    please help me out here !

  39. Girls will not grow any taller than an extra 2 inches (5 cm’s) after they have had their first period. My daughter is 12.5 years old and just got her period and she is 5ft 4in (very nearly) so I expect she won’t grow any taller than 5ft 6in (i’m 5ft 7.5″)

    Our doctor told us that information and if you google it you will find its true….

  40. Alright, this is going to sound odd. I’m 21 and I measured myself as 5’11” recently. I am usually 5’10” is it possible that I’m still growing? I REALLY hope not |[

  41. hi my name is desi and i have to say that I’m 28yrs old and that i’m about 5’4in and i was wondering how high i could get

  42. Hi, no I think girls stop growing in there late teens at the latest .. but im not too sure mabe you measured yourself wrong or on a diferent scale thing? I dont think you’d be stil growing at 21;) and I think men stop growing when they are round about 20.
    I’m 15, turning 16 in a couple of months and I’m 5 foot 8, and I havent yet hit my period:S. I think that im stil growing, but im dead paranoid about my height. I took up smokeing about a yaer ago to hope it would stunt my growth alough it gave me realy bad breathing problems and asma :( I also tried not eating and felt sick and weak all the time. I would like to realy,realy stop growing if anybody mabe has any tips or is there anything i could take that actualy realy work it would mean the world to me if you could help me out :D x x

  43. When I got my period I was 12 and 5′ 6″. Now I’m 15 and 5’11”. My doctor used to tell me I’d only grow another inch, but I’ve grown like 3 inches since she told me this. Doctors can’t predict what your body will do, they can only go by what’s “normal.”

  44. hi everyone, im 13 and i started my period about a year ago and im only 4’10 /: and im in 7th grade… does that mean i only have 1 year to go to grow? and + i have my period every month but they dont fall on the same days like there always different.

  45. heyy im 12 thirteen next month (december) and ive been on my period since i was ten and a bit :| since then i grown about 6 inches i think will i keep growing for a bit more im 5’3/4″ and i wat to make to 5’5.5″ ( i like fives :P ) is ther any hope of me makin it to myy dream hight ?? also will my breakfast make any difference because i dont hav a big breakfast (chocolate mousse at most) and i went to ireland and had big breakfasts everyday then i woke up on thee day i was goin back and id grown about 3/4 of an inch. so did my breakfast make a difference or was it just a coincidental growth spurt ?? thankss :) x

  46. hi I’m 16 years old and I have a foot size of 16. I’m 6″3′ and I’m hoping to grow taller. How tall do u think ill b eor am I’m done jus growing? I’ve been having really bad pain in my knees. Maybe from sports but not entierly sure.

  47. i’m 14 and im about 5’7” maybe 5’7” and a half, am i done growing? because i would really like to be taller!

  48. Haha, you’re lucky your 5″2…I’m sixteen and am 5″6. -.- It totally sucks cuz most guys are shorter than me…wanna trade? lol.

  49. Just in case your question hasn’t been answered since your post; a womans menstral cycle doesn’t line up to exactly a month and isn’t the same for all women. Also if my memory serves your cycle will change slowly over time. If it were then it would make life much easier for us men :-S And I doubt that you will break 5′ 1″ sorry :-(

  50. chop your legs off :D

    i’m 16 and 5″11, but i haven’t grown at all since i was 12, so i guess i’m done (:
    the only bad thing about being tall is shoes!
    i get so sadfaced when i see amazing shoes and they don’t fit, even in the biggest size :(
    i have thought about chopping my toes off so i can fit xD
    or maybe doing that thing chinese women do with tying their toes under their feet..
    ahh well, i suppose i’ll just settle for a little bit of a squeeze if they’re ones i fall in love with..

    btw, i was only joking about the chopping them off, it would probably makes you look a wee bit odd (:

  51. 5″6 isn’t that tall (:
    at least you’re still in normal height clothes ;D

    my little sister is 5″8 and she’s only 11, she’s gonna be mahooosive D:
    i feels sorry for her because this nasty little biaaaatch makes fun of her height but she is dwarfy, and i know my sister wouldn’t swap tallness for tininess.

    she has that boys problem, not that she’s really that into the male species yet, but this one she likes is about 4ft and their young minds are so superficial, sadtimes :(

    when i got together with my boyfriend he was about 9 inches smaller than me, but he’s only like an inch littler now, that’s kinda proof that height isn’t everything, and boys will catch up anyways ;D

  52. Names Rider and yes im a girl
    im 15 and about 5’5 almost 5’6.
    My height sometimes bothers me only because the guy i like is
    a sophomore and is only 5’4 and my friends tease me about how he isn’t going to grow anymore sence hes 16, is that even true ? Or will he keep growing as the year goes on ?

  53. 6,5 is huge, your chances may be slim for you to still grow.
    I’m 5,6 or 5,7 and im 15, I dont know if i will still grow cause in the last 6 months, ive grown only an inch. My dad is 5,10 mom is 5,2
    Do you think I will still grow, cause i hate being so short

  54. I’m 13 and like 5″2 i think maybe a bit shorter. I’m not sure. I’m chinese, so I really wanna be taller!! I want to be 5″4 by the time I’m like 14 or 15. That’s 2 inches but I have to be taller!! Ughh!

  55. People. We tall people should stand tall and be proud of our heights. We are all beautiful. Do you guys feel this way just because shorter people tell you you are ugly. We are all beautiful. But being tall is like who you are. You can model. You have presence. It’s fantastic. I’m 15 and I am about 5’10. I love my height to the max. I live around short filipinos. Who are like 4’8 to 5’5 and that’s it. I’m a girl, and the best thing I love about me is my HEIGHT :)
    Love your self. Love your height.

  56. hey guys i am about 5.8′ and i am 17 turning 18 this june ……………..please answer me whether i am gonna gain any more inches coz i feel like i v stopped since a year n i really wanna grow
    any suggestions

  57. Well, I’m 13. I am about 5’7, size 9/10/11 shoes (depends on brand) large hands, and very hairy, muscular legs. I’m worried I’m going to stop growing, as my mum is only 5’4 and my dad is about 6′. Please respond. :D

  58. Ouch! Some stuff ain’t worth wearing if it’s uncomfortable, and the footbinding method was actually agonizing pain for those girls, its also permanent. Of course, nobody can help not fitting the clothes and shoes they like, but I’m sure there’s plenty of nice looking clothes in bigger sizes.

  59. I have a question …… I’m 12/13 in april and I am like 5″6 or 5’8 …… I have had my ‘ friend’ for aleast 3 years now and i heard that you stop growing after 3 years of ‘It’ is this true??? My Bf is older than me and hes stoped growing and he 5’8 will I be taller then him???

  60. I’m 13 and 5’10” and shoe size 13 so what am I going to end up as around 17 years old it would be cool to know

  61. i am 14, turning 15 in 2days. im 5’7′ ithink,. and i wanna stop growing, i hate being tall, there are barely any boys that are taller than me,. and when im attracted to one, their height might hold me back from being with them, HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. I was that tall at 13. At 17, I was 6’2″ and still wear a 13 shoe, now I’m 19, 6’3″ and wear a size 14 shoe. Hope that helps. Doctors say that I have probably stopped growing.

  63. I’m 14, freshman, and I’m 5’10, which really sucks because people look at me like I’m some kind of freak and I’m also taller than most of the upperclassman. My dad was 5’7, and my mom is 5’6, how the hell did I end up being 5’10 at 14?! And I think I’m still growing…

  64. I’m a girl and I’m 17 now and i stopped growing when i was about 15/16 I’m 6’3”. i was about 5’11” in 6th grade and the inches slowly came through the last few years. I’m predicting you’ll stop growing very very soon. you might get to 6’1” maybe 6’2” but I’m thinking 6’1” ( this is if you’re a girl )

  65. Females generally stop growing when they reach the age of 13-14 . Males will not exceed in height past the age of 18 unless there is a mutation present, such as an overly-large pituitary gland (the hormonal device that supports growth in the brain). What will continue to grow in the male body after the age of 18 is the muscular system. This will develop into a males mid-20’s. The main FACT to follow is that everybody is different, Teenage growth can be brutal on a young mind , self-conciousness , depression. All of which is a part of life. Live and love with what you get. Everybody has positives .

    Doctor Corbin D Fellingham

  66. i am a girl (obviously), i drink milk & soy milk everyday, im 12….13 in the beginning of may, im 5′ 2.5″(but not the tallest in my grade for girls, that girl is 5′ 9″)(159 cm), i havent had my “friend”yet, i eat alot but i have a high metabolism, i excercise intensively every sunday for badminton which requires alot of running and lunging(so i am overall pretty healthy), but i dont sleep alot, maybe about 8 hours every night, my moms 5′ 6.5″ and my dads 6′ 1″

    so there you have my life story…how tall do you think im gonna be?i would really like to be 5’8″ to 5′ 10″ and be a model, but my doctor said i would only be 5′ 6” and according to various height calculators, they all say im gonna be 5′ 8″…..but anyone feel free to answer, especially pediatic doctors (if they even go on this site)

  67. hii, i m 11years old n i m 5ft 1inch and i have periods i will be able to grow or not plzzzzz some 1 reply :(

  68. Oh my goshh. i am 13 , and 4’11”. i will stop growing in a yearr! I dont wan’t to be 5′ 0″!!!!!!!! I want to keep growing to be at LEAST 5’4″! imean i always date the tall guys but now theyre just too tall. I hate being this short. :'( snifff…

  69. I’m 14 and I’m 4’11” i just got my period and I really hope I will grow to be at least 5’4″! I don’t like being this short :(

  70. I’m currently 14 years old (I’m a girl). I’ll be 15 in April. I’m 5’6 1/2 and wear a size 11 (a lot of times an 11.5) shoe. When I was little, all of my doctors said that I would be anywhere from 5’10-6’0 when I’m done growing (and that’s a lot of growing to do in 3 years and 2 months). I haven’t grown in awhile, and a lot of girls stop growing at 14 around here. However, everyone else thinks that I’m not done growing. What do you think?

  71. im male, and im 16 and 1/2 . im currently around 5f 6.5. my mum is around 5f 4 and dad is 5f 10. how tall do u reckon im gonna before when i stop growing?

  72. I’m 28 years old and up to about three weeks ago I was 180.5 cm tall, Recently I noticed my height seemed to have increase and when I measured myself this morning I came in at 183 cm. Whats happening and why. That’s 5’11” to 6’003″ I am rather muscular and weigh in at about 190 pounds (86 kg) I look a lot younger than 28 and I only got to my previous height when I was about 24. If it will help I’m South African of German / English / Norwegian decent. My life has seemed to change over the last year I’ve even gone back to University where I’m currently studying for a bachelors in commerce with a extension to LLB, Canadians will know what I’m talking about and while I use to have a hard time studying at school I am excelling now

  73. I’m 13 and 5′ 2 1/2 I hope I stop growing now I love being short!! I haven’t grown for almost 6 months and my mum is 1/4 of and inch taller than me an my dad is 5′ 10 but I don’t take after him how tall do you think I will be when I stop growing?

  74. I am currently 15(female), turning 16 this summer and am only 163 cms tall.
    I think that`s around.. 5`3-4..i think.
    My mom is 5`9 and my dad is 5`7and a half (172 cms9
    My dad`s side of the family has a lot of short people but all the people in my mom`s family are all over 5`8(discluding my grandma)
    i started my period in 6 th grade so that would be around 4 years ago.
    i have only grown 2 cms since 8th grade( in 10th now)
    Is there any chance of me becoming 5`5 or ewven 5`6
    I REALLY REALLY want to be atleast 5`6

    any advice?
    it would be great to know what my percentages are as well!

  75. I’m 15 coming 16 in may and im 5’4. my mum is 5’8-9 and my dad is 5’10 my sister is around 5’12. What height will I grow too or have I finished growing!

  76. I am a girl
    I’m about 5′ 1″ I weigh 80 pounds so I’m underweight
    I’m 13 1/2
    I’ve had my “friend” about 8 months but only had it twice
    My mom is 5′ 1″ish she’s shrinking my dad is 5′ 8″ my older sister is 18 in college and 5′ 6″ but she ran cross country in high school and that stopped her growth my brother is 22 and 5′ 7″ and cross country also stopped his growth in high school
    I want to get taller because I want to be a model many people come up to me and ask me if I am one and tell me I belong on the cover of a magazine but for now I’m Wayyyy to short
    Please reply :)

  77. If you drink soda and coffee that can help you stop growing and take up a really hardcore sport like cross country that stopped my sisters growth

  78. Hi, I’m 12 and 10months turning 13 in may and i’m 5 feet 4 inch (165cm). I got ma “friend” :P last year Easter almost a year ago. My mom is 5 feet 3 inch and ma dad is 5 feet 9 inches.
    Will i grow taller? how tall will i be?? xx :)

  79. I’m a 25 year old female and I’ve haven’t stopped having growing pains. At first I thought I was just working out too hard but I grew an inch since entering college (from 5’1 to 5’2 and 3/4 graduating at 23. Last summer I went to the doctor and they measured me and I was 5’3 and a quarter and this past winter I was measured at 5’3 and 3/4. While my growth is not great, the pain is excruciating; espically this last year. Last month I had to take vicodin just to get to sleep due to the pain. What is going on?!

  80. Thank you! Your post has given me hope because everyone says that you stop growing after two years after your period but I don’t think I stopped growing yet and I m 5’6″ right and 14 years old and I got my period two years ago I was only about 5’3″ so thanks again! And also my mom stopped growing at 16 years and uncles and grandma and grandpa are very tall so it should be genetically passed on

  81. I am twelve years old. I am 120 lbs and I am 5’4. I have a healthy body weight and I am healthy. I just want to know will I grow any more? I have grown about four inches in a year and a half. I am still growing but will it stop soon? I have a lot of growing pains and I am hungry a lot. Is this a sign of growth?! My mom knows like nothing about this topic of growth spurts!!!

  82. i’m 13 years old ,nearly 14 and im only 4’7 i got myperiods wen i was 10 years will i grow taller ?

  83. Growth is partly down to your genes and partly down to your life style. Eating foods rich in calcium (cheeses, low fat milk, yoghurt) nutrients (vegetables) and proteins (fish, eggs) will not guarante that you’ll be tall but they shall certainly help.

    Also sleep is very important, you grow in your sleep and it also helps your body refresh and helps it be ready for challenges such as growing.

    Also, excercise is essential.

    Like I said, these are no guarantes but I followed these because I loved basketball (I only really found out about it when I was 12 because I live in the UK) and I am now 6ft 5 (iv’e always been fairly tall, I wouldn’t worry about being that tall!)

    Hope this helped.


  84. I’m 13
    5′ 1.5″ about 76 pounds
    I’m anorexic I want to be taller I know I have to eat it’s just so hard
    Do u think I could be taller?

  85. Hon, I think that you should look at getting healthy, not worrying about your height. I’m short and you know what? It is no big deal. I know at your age it’s all about looking good and fitting in. When you get older you will see that none of that matters.

    I hope you are getting treatment for your anorexia. Just work on getting better. Don’t worry about anything else. It’s not worth it.

  86. Hey I’m a girl and I’m 13 almost 14. I’m 5’8″ and i take after my mom who is 5’10”. I’ve had one period so far but I’ve heard that you stop growing around 13 or 14, or at least that you only grow around 2 inches after your period at most. The problem is that I wanna be an actress when I grow up and usually they are around 5’2-5’5″ with the occasional exception of a few that are a bit taller. So yeah I wanna stop growing or I won’t even have a chance cause most actresses aren’t taller than 5’8″. Will drinking coffee and soda stunt growth? And I’ve heard that sports make you grow but I’ve also heard that cross country stunts growth. Which is true? Please help! I’m kinda self-conscious about my height because at the moment I’m taller than most people, but if I’m still this height as an adult it wouldn’t bother me as much. WHAT HEIGHT WILL I BE?!?

  87. looks like you have normal height/normal weight and from what I see in your question a good attitude and support through all this change. Bravo! That growth spurt can be impressive, even for girls. I would predict that you are very near your adult height…. you might get to 5’5″ or even 5’6″ if you have a “late growth” gene, but I doubt it. The sex hormones (in your case estrogen/progesterone) that bring on menarche are what causes the bone growth AND the upsurge of hormones at this time also causes the growth plates at the ends of the long bones to close. You stop growing taller when that happens. I assume that you have a pediatrician that you go to periodically and that you are basically a healthy person. That said… The growing pains are normal when you have such a spurt. The have a tough time adjusting to a lot of change that quickly. They protest because they are continually being challenged. Time will help that and you will also become less ravenous. Try to eat “nutrient dense foods” (look that up, OK). If you are really active ie competitive sports/aerobics/track, make sure you warm up gently, but thoroughly. If you are a couch/computer potato – GET MOVING – develop the exercise habit now and extend your healthy life 20-30 years Really!. Do gentle stretching at bedtime and right before you get out of bed in the AM. Drink plenty of water (no soda) – hydration is good for muscle/joint health. Get enough sleep. This is important because if a person is sleep deprived (& most teens are.. a lot) they feel pain more. Hope this helped. Blessing to you and your mom – great team!

  88. Heyy im so jealous of you! Im 13 and my height is 5’5 and 3/4
    I really REALLY want to be tall. Almost all of my family are tall except my mom… she is only like 5’2-5’3 im catching up to my 16 year old sister who is 5’6
    i have really long legs and arms. How tall where you when you were 11 ? Please reply because i got my period like a month before my 13th birthday and i want to know how much more i can grow. Thanks heaps :)

  89. Then why is everyone saying on here that that is not true? They all say it is just genetics. Becasue i really want to be like 5’9-5’10 but im only 5’5 and i got my period not long ago, my mom said i will only grow 2 more inched from what shes heard but i believe i will be taller, i just keep growing and growing (which is good) like last month i was only like 5’4 and now im 5’5 and 3/4 … weird…. i really wanna be tall. Do u think there is a chsance because i am only 13. and my family are all pretty tall.I really hope i take after my moms side. Almost all the women on my dads side are short… On my moms side, alot of my relatives are really skinny and tall and some are models :) I want to be a model when i grow up :D

  90. wow. this is depressing as… everyone on this thing is like “i want to stop growing.” im the complete opposite. im 15 and a half and im only 5ft 2 at the MOST :( EVERYONE!! in my class is taller than me and i just feel like everyone looks down on me. i got my period when i was 12 and a half and i havent grown that much since. i REALLLLLY want to grow :( but i dont think its going to happen :( :(

  91. Can someone please care to tell me how this managed to happen?

    Okay, so I am 14 years old, I’m a girl, and I’m 5’5″ Average height, eh? Well my entire (strictly emphasize ENTIRE) family are really really tall. All of my sisters were already 5’8″ or 5’9″ when they were my age and my brothers were 6″, my parents are both over 5’10” and I cannot recall anyone else higher up in the tree being under 5’7″
    So how does a little twinky like me with a family like THAT be so short? Am I not done growing yet? Or is it because my special “gift” came to me when I was 12? (It beter not…. I honestly don’t understand what that has to do with bone growth…)
    Anyways, if anyone can care to answer how this happened, I would be a happy twinky at that.

  92. I’m 16 and female, I’m 5,7 i feel so tall haha i hate it . i think I’ve stopped growing but my boyfriend is only 5,4 and is 16 do you think he will grow anymore ?

  93. I am 14,a girl, and 5’1″ and I haven’t got my period, I also have long legs does that mean I’m going to be tall? Both my parents are short my mom is 5’3″ and my dad is 5’5″.

  94. wow dont worry there are many short and successful people .. don’t worry but sorry if this doesnt help you but stretch and drink water .. sometimes you get a growth spurt at 16 or 17 .. anyways not to offend you .. but i’m 10 years old and 5’2″

  95. You most likely will grow several more inches over the years but there is no way to be sure. I am also 14 and my dad is 5’9″ and my mom is 5’1″ and I’m 5’6″. I also have not really started a constant period. ….. anyway i don’t think your period has much to do with height lol

  96. I’m 12 and I’m 5’7. I hate it I’m so tall! It sucks! Evryones shorter than me rite now!

  97. Guys, I’m 16 and soon gonna turn to 17 in 2 months and my height is only 5’4. that’s really short for a guy. i really wanna everyone in my class are so tall and I get names called as ‘midget’ it really hurts me. is there any chances I could grow 5’8 or more than that? i started drinking milk and i drink 2 glasses of milk everyday. my parents are really short. My mum’s only 5′ and dad 5’4 ….I Wanna grow. PLEASE HELP

  98. omg people are 14 years old an dthey r just 5’5 and they say they r too tall they make me laugh iim 11 and im taller than them im 5’7 taller than my dad my mom my teachers and my class when i went to london city i saw people they were tall like me or even smaller i dont like this im scared to go like my sister shes 23 and shes 5’9 and i hate when people say wow u r so tall and im in 6th grade.yes u have nice stuff like u can be a model or work in an airplane (sorry for the spellings im italian not english) and stuff but i want to be normal i hope i stop

  99. Well Iam 13 and I like a boy thats like 5 feet?
    And Iam like 4.11 or something…..Iam scared I might get taller then him!!!
    Will a period make me stop growing?

  100. I know a boy like that his mom is really short…
    Well boys grow atlest some part of a inch a year…My brothers dad got one inch taller
    in 1 year and and hes 56 or something!
    And his parents are really short! hes like 6.something!

  101. Guy, you are a product of your genetics, but don’t let that get you down. Look beyond your immediate family to your cousins especially. Are they tall, short, medium? How long did it take them to get their full height or are they still growing?

    Look at your diet too. Milk will give you solid bones, but what about vegis? Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. If your folks didn’t get the right nutrition when they were growing up, chances are good you will be taller than your dad.

    If you get a chance, observe (East) Indian middle- and high-school girls walking with their tiny mothers at the mall – or wherever. There’s a reason why they are taller even before they get out of eighth grade.

    Another example is my youngest son. His dad was over 6’2″, his brother was heading that direction, and he was the scrawny short kid. He was terrifically frustrated (and blamed me, of course, since I’m 5’5″). But he kept growing slowly, long past the time his classmates stopped…. he is about 5’8″ now, a Marine, (and doesn’t get teased about his height!). He’s not bulked out in muscle, but what he has is admirably fit. Girls like that too.

    I’m sorry to say you may never top out at 6+ feet tall, but take heart. There are a lot of petite girls who appreciate a guy who doesn’t give them a neck ache, but listens to them and smiles a lot. And when you get out of school, you will find that bosses generally don’t care how tall you may be as long as you know your stuff and do it.

    Lastly, remember: As for teasing, this too shall pass. Hope this helps.

  102. Being 16 and tall is awkward, isn’t it? Yet there are a lot of girls who would like to be model-tall (you did know that models tend to be?)
    Your BF probably will grow more, but note his parents’ heights. That and other factors (nutrition, mostly) will determine if and when he catches up.

  103. why do you guys hate being tall ! In my case I’m 17 and I’m only 5″1 .. I’m doing modeling and I’m the shortest among the others, I really want to be taller. I’m losing hope and I’m thinking I should stop modeling. :\

  104. When i was 9 i was really small i was only 4ft when i was 10 i was 4’4. when i was 11 i was 4’8. When i was 12 i was 5’1. When i was 13 i went to puberty and when i was 14 i was 5’8 and i had still puberty so when i was 15 i was 6’1 and when i was 16 i was 6’4 and now i am 17 and i am 6’6 i am really tall but when i was 13 as i said i was 5’1. So if you are short dont give up like i did eat and drink tons of diary and look i am 6’6 and i am 17.

  105. I am got my period at 13, i am still thirteen, when will i stop growing and also my little sister who got her period at 11 and is 5’7 like me when will she stop growing? By the way my younger sister will be 12 soon. I also am staying the same weight 89lbs…. please reply some 1 lol

  106. I’m 13 turning 14 and I am shorter than everyone and my parents are super tall..so sad and too bad. I feel lonely

  107. Don’t fret brian my 14 year old cousin is 6’2 and 250 lbs lol he should be a football player!

  108. Nicole im 13 and im 5’7 and still have a while to grow i have the exact same problem although i can’t talk to boys or go out with them! I think ima be taller than my future bf if i have one because of my height! Im taller than my 18 year old sister that is 5’5 and my mother that is 5’4..

  109. my sister got hers at 11 we are the same height now but im worried..she will stop growing in like 2 years or so because of it she is almost 12 now and i got mine at 13 im still 13 im wondering when will we both stop growing…? but that is probably true u might stop growing.. i think it does have something to do with when u start your period i honestly do..

  110. I know I’m 14, turning 15 in a month I’m 5″1 I just grew an inch and I got my period december. My mom is 5″3 and my dad is 5″11. I have 4 other sisters 3 are adult and 2 are 5″3, one is 5″4. I’m the smallest of my friends. I’m worried this may be as tall as I get! Anyone got any tips or anything?

    P.S.* I eat healthy (most of the time) and excercise.

  111. hi im 17 turning 18 soon,
    and recently my height has seem to be increasing a little but my clothing size and shoe size has stayed the same. so have i not finished growing or what can someone please answer me? thanks!

  112. As girls, we’ll stop growing at 18. If your mom is tall, you have a chance to grow more. My mom is 5″9′ and in high school, she was short. When she graduated, she grew alot but both her brothers are past 6’2″ so yeah. Signs of another growth spurt is always being hungry, joint pains and sleepiness. Don’t give up girl! Besides
    guys prefer shorter women because giant women are just freaky. By the way, I’m 15 and started my period at 12 and I’m STILL growing so that two-year-stop-growing crap isn’t always true. My mom and I are proof!!! :)

  113. im 16 going on17 this year and im worried that i wont develop.I feel so skinny wit no butt and boobless :/ there are girls out there that have it all !there so lucky :( i dont even feel like going to the beach and if thats true that u stop growing at 18 imma have no type of body D:

  114. Hi I’m 15 and 5’9 my dad is 5’8 and my mum 5’7 however my grandad is 6’2 is there a chance that I could grow to my grandads height as I have outgrown my parents. I am male.

  115. Kate…How many inches have u grown after u got ur period? I am 4’11 an d 12 years old and I got my period 10 mo. ago.

  116. i am 151cm tall, still have 6 years. hope i keep growing too otherwise i’m a shorty, really worried!

  117. Hi I’m 20 and I’m 5’6 & 1/2 is there any chance of me growing anymore..would be happy if I can grow 3 more inches.

  118. Im a boy 13 5’6 was wondering what size I might be when I’m done growing my parents are 6’0 & 5’4 Ps:I have a bad diet.

  119. im a girls, 15 and im 5ft 3, i have bigger feet than all my friends, they are a size 7/8. i used to be taller than everyone but now theyve taken over and i really wanan be taller, my dads about 6ft1 and my mums 5ft 7/8 so do you reckon iv got a bit more growing to do?

  120. 15 (turning 16 in December of 2011) and 4’9″. The only good thing about being short(for me) is that you can fit in like any place, but in big crowds you feel claustrophobic and it’s hard to find clothing that fit you. I also after my period which started when I was 8, I’ve only grown like 4 inches. I was the tallest in elementary.

  121. thts exactly wat im sayin…do u have 2 sleep early to grow…cuz i go 2 bed at like 3 or 4 am and sleep all 8 hours until 11am-12 noon…so i was wondering if u have the growth hormones will be likely to take effect more during night sleep…

  122. how tall will I be??? rite now im 14 yrs old & 5’9″ and my feet are 11 inches and still keep growing…and do i have 2 sleep at night to grow..sometimes i only get like 4-5 hours of sleep by goin 2 bed at like 4-5 in the morning…lol

  123. No I’m 5″5 and 14, i started my period at the age of 10 and still growing.
    People say keep ur back nice a straigh and strech u will grow taller and a bit faster, (but i dont know). All i know after ur period u dont stop growing

  124. strech and keep ur back straight, should help u to grow. Also sleeping might help and if u are having trouble to get to sleep calm ur self before u go to bed, don’t be watching tv straight after u go to be.

  125. imma boy 13 years old turning 14 in 4 days and im 5’11(well thats how tall i was last time i was measured im pretty sure im still the same height)and im assuming i might grow to be 6’4 or 6’5 when im done growing (whatever age boys stop growing)

  126. I am 16 and i’m 5’2 maybe a little under but i like beng short because i don’t want to be taller than alot of men it just looks weird

  127. Hey im 5’10 and im 17 years in age. I wish to be a 6 foot 4 inch or taller. I guess the only way that i can get there now is by playing sports cause most of my friends and folks say so. and one of my friends went from a 5’9 to a 6’2 now only cause he plays lots of hoops.

  128. wow thats great to hear im 15 and ill be 16 in 3 months but im 5’7…hopefully i can stop there because i dont want to be taller any more .1

  129. WELL IT DEPENDS . because usually you stop growing at 17 or 18 but sometimes it can lead to wen your mom stoped growing

  130. Yh im like 5’7, 5’8 or 5’9 and 13, all i know is i am tall, I’m a size 9, my feet have stopped growing i think so is my height, Im either 5’7, 5’8 or 5’9, is that ok for an adult, a women.

  131. yay somebody my age is acually taller than me. im 11 year old girl wear size 11 shoe and is 5’8 tall. how much more will i grow my mom is 6’3 and my dad is 6’7

  132. Well. I’m 15, i havent grown since i was 12. I went to the doctor and he said girls usually finish growing 2 to 3 years after they get their period, i got mine when i was 9. I’m 5’3″ i used to always be one of the tallest in elementary and now that i’m in high school, i’m one of the shortest! Oh and average height for girls is 5’4″ :)

  133. dude i doubt you have size 16 feet and 14 years old and only 6 feet
    i am 14 as well and have size 13.5 feet and i am 6.1
    we will probably end up being 6.6 to 6.7 or higher in height

  134. Hope i grow taller im 5’8 and 1/2 and im 14yrs old i want to be 5’11 still have 4yrs to grow hope i get to my goal. Ohh and im a girl.

  135. I’m going into 10th grade, and I’m 14. I am 4′ 9″ I keep on wondering if I’m going to grow taller!!!! I also have a size 2 in shoes. You all may not believe me, but I don’t care cause I don’t know any of you. I’m just wondering is it possible that I will grow? I’m not a midget either

  136. My son is 14 years, 3 months old. DUDE, he is only 5 feet 7 inches tall and wears a size 13 shoe, weighs in at 170 pounds…….he is hoping to grow about a foot here soon……hahahaha…..we tease him about his feet A LOT!!

  137. Well.
    Im 5’8 and 11. im 12 in late december (23rd)
    I HATE IT.
    I started my period about 2 months ago.
    I dont really want to be much taller, maybe 5”9 or 5’10
    But i really need to stop growing, I get bullied for being tall.
    any help?

  138. Hii, I’m 12 years old, and I haven’t started my period yet. I’m about 5ft 1….I really don’t want to be very tall when I’m older…I’m very jealous because all of my other friends have already developed and it get’s boys attention. The guy’s that like me are starting to lean away from me because of them!! My mom didn’t start her period untill she was 14, any helpful tips to give me a hint of when I might start? I want to see how tall I might be when I’m older too. K, thx.(:

  139. im 12 turning 13 next month and im only 5’2 and going to 8th grade am i going to grow any taller this year?

  140. I’m also 12 and female and 5’4. I’m supposed to be 5’8 but I don’t want to get any taller. I hate looking down at people. Unless this makes no sense to you and you think you’re short.

  141. I’m 12 right now and I’m 4’11 at least I think I am.. People think I’m 5′ and I’m scared I might not grow anymore. Is it true that if you get your period for 2 years, you won’t grow anymore?

  142. Sweetie, your period is nothing to be excited about, trust me. Enjoy your carefree non-angsty years while they last!!
    If your mom got hers around 14, you’ll prob get yours around then. And after it starts you’ll most likely grow around 3-4 inches. But your height depends mainly on your genes, nutrition and exercise!!

  143. i am 17 i am still in my same height haven’t grown and never again i stop growing at age 14 when i stop working out me still 5,1 or 5,2 i was in fit before use to have a 4 pack abs which i think it’s hard to live as a short man once in a while since i’m not fit anymore i often today battling this new weigh gain. i gain 30 something pounds out of nowhere when i got to high school.

  144. I’m a girl, I’m 13, and I’m almost 5’9″. And according to this, I have 5 more years of growing? D: I’m gonna be a freaking amazon! )x

  145. Im 14 and 5’7″. I don’t want to grow anymore. Hopfully i’ll stop growing. If im still growing hope theres something out there that will make me stop growing.

  146. I just turned 18 a week ago and I haven’t grown in 2 years. I hover between 5’9 and 5’10. Everybody around me seems to be taller than me, and it won’t be long before my younger brother passes me! Im not muscular or good looking, so i figure I deserve one positive physical attribute. Im starving all the freaking time, is that a good sign that Im going to have a spurt, or do you need to have pain?

  147. im a boy age 15 and im 5’10, but havn’t had a period yet. does that mean i will keep growing?? :D

  148. Im 13, and right now I’m 5’2, the shortest of all of my friends who are the same age and around 5’5, my new nick name is Paco, meaning small one. So SiCk Of BeInG sHoRt!

  149. I am turning 13 in 2 months and I am 5 feet and 6 inches tall, both my parents r really tall and iwould love to grow about 5 inches more, I started my period about 3 months ago.. Could I grow 5 inches by the time I reach 16?

  150. You all are ungrateful im 18 and 4 ft 8 ish. Hope i’ve made you feel better about youselves

  151. I’m 12 and I’m almost “5”5 I started getting my shape around 8 years old hopefully I’ll stop growing sometime next year!!! I don’t want to be no taller than 5 5!! cuz where I’m from every ones short but I’m the tallest! there catching up though and I’m slowin down!

  152. hi, im 13 and had my period since i was 9 and im 5″2 would i grow anymore because everyone seems taller then me. my mam and dads only 5″7 but my brother is 6″ does that matter

  153. My niece is 5’6″ and just turned 11 about 2 days ago. She is really insecure about it since all her friends are short. Plus she wears glasses(so people sometimes call her nerdy but she laughs it off most of the time), and she sweats in the underarm area and it starts to smell after a while(Thank GOD for Mitchum!). But I love her and she shouldn’t be insecure because I got her contacts! Plus she has awesome comebacks to bullies.

  154. Hey I’m 5 ft and I been 5 ft for about 1-2years I think. I’m really worried I’m not going to grow anymore. Anyone who can give me any info? And how can I try 2 get taller? Please help

  155. im a 13 year old girl im 5 ft 7 i hate my heiight im so freakin tall and i havent even started my period yet :(

  156. i am 12 and 6’1 and a boy my parents dad is 6’8 and my mom is 5’10 and i have tall brothers do you think i will be taller than my dad

  157. hi i am 10 and have my period i am only 4’7 i am very scared will i grow more ? please reply me soon

  158. Im a 16 year old female and 5″4, I started my period a few months before I turned 11 and I want to be 5″6…according to this I have 2 more years of growth, will I reach my wanted height? and how can I tell if I am still growing, I feel the same :-(

  159. im 14 and im 5 foot 11 :/ every one tells me that its good to be tall, but i hate being taller than all of my friends! i rly hope i dont grow ne more

  160. I am 13yrs old and 5 feet 4 inches. My mom is one inch shorter than me and my dad is like 6 feet five. Even though I am not that tall I am so muscular kinda like a a girl foot ball player if girls even do that anymore lol will I grow more?

  161. Half of you guys complaining about being tall are lucky.
    Im a 14 yr old girl who is 5’10 and still growing fast!
    I want to stop now im happy with my height.
    Heres an idea you guys complaining about shortness, you want some height? I’ll lend you some

  162. when i was 10 years old, i got my period. now i’m 12 and in 7th grade, and i havent grown since 5th grade. i already went through the big growth spurt, in 4th grade. im 4’11 now and havent grown in two years. everybody thinks im a sixth grader

  163. Well,ima girl and 15 and 5’9 and a half. I got my period in the seventh grade and I was only 5’7 and I reached 5’8 in eigth grade and a couPle weeks ago I noticed I gained and inch and a half… Do u think I’ll stop growing? I really don’t want to be much taller.. And I’m confused since I had my first period years ago and I was told the most I would grow after that was an inch. PlZ help

  164. Look kids stop complaining about your heights and just go out and do some exercises. Good exercises for growing are basketball, and swimming. If you lift weights then you will get shorter.

  165. I’m 15, 5ft9″ and most of that is just my legs. I have a really short torso and really long legs which will not stop growing, the growing pains are that bad that I’m on the strongest painkillers you can get from your gp. They say I will keep getting taller and they don’t know why I am so out of proportion. On the bright side, I could be a model?

  166. I started my period a couple months ago, and I am 15 and exactly 5 feet. would I still grow? :((( My family is pretty tall……I’m like the only midget.

  167. I just turned 14 and I’m 5’8.5″
    My parents say that I’m done growing
    How do i know when I’ll stop getting taller?

  168. When I was 15 years old, I stopped growing. I’ve been 5’1 ever since. But check this out…I knew this dude who was 18 years old in my first year of college and he grew, no lie, 6 inches, in less than 1 year!! The girls in the dorm who were taller than him when he was a freshman in college, by the end of the year they were looking up to him.

  169. I remember being my mothers height at 21 (5’3). By the time I was 30, I was 3 inches taller than her. I’d say I stopped growing at aound 31 yrs. old after growing steadily all my life. So, you never can tell when you’ll totally stop getting taller. But at that point, you start growing sideways.

  170. im Brandy,Female,Just turned 14 in july i started my period about age 11 or 12 im 5’2.i have very long legs but a SHORT torso. will i still grow?

  171. I just turned 15 and I’m a girl, who is 6ft and a half… my doctor says I’ve pretty much stopped growing and I’m glad! Being tall, especially this tall isn’t good, people stare, no guys are taller than me, and I cannot wear heels, ever, or I simply look like a giant! Girls if you’re 5’9/5’10 stop complaining, I’d love to be that tall :) At least smaller girls can wear heels, it makes you look so elegant :)

  172. im 15 5’2and started 2 develop in like 5th grade which is when i started to get my period then it stoped then came back for a month or two and now i havent had a period in like 3 years wth is wrong with me?? lol

  173. Okay I’m 5’7 and I’m 15… sixteen in April. I love my height, but I get self-conscious when I wear heels because I love the 5 inch/6 inch heels. (My mom is 5’5 and dad is 6’1) My boyfriend is 5’11/16 yrs old and will be seventeen in October. His facial hair is JUST starting to come in, so I think he will get at least 6’0 6’1. I hope so because I love tall guys. If you want to be a short female, you have to start gymnastics and tumbling at a young age. My friend “Lexy” has been doing it since she was 3 and she is only 5’1. (Her dad 5’5 and mom 5’6/5’7) Also swimming will help, too. It goes all the way back to your bones. Your bones crack minor every day. The more minor cracks you do to your bones shorter you will be. (Hence gymnastics and swimming). The boys will catch up to us again in college because they have another growth spurt after us. I would never wanna be 5’5 or shorter or any taller. I LOVE my height reguardless of what people say. You just got to learn to embrace it. If that doesn’t help, look up heights of celebrities or tall celebrities. (Beyonce, Zoe Saldana, Jwoww off of Jersey Shore and Taylor Swift are about my height but Taylor is at a taller height of 5’10) And they manage to still be fabulous. If a guy says you’re too tall, it’s because they are self-conscious of being short!

  174. LOL I’m 10 and 5’2 1/2 and I hope to be TALL ( even though I already am lol )
    Idk how tall I’m gonna be I hope around 5’8

    Haven’t had my period yet thoo

  175. The best and Normal Height for girl is about 5′ to 5′ 4”….short girls looking More sexy and smart as compare to tall girls (Like Shakira,, she’s about 5’2″)….I hate taller Girls….! Search me on Facebook :My ID :- [email protected] OR facebook.com/attaullah93

  176. im like only 12 and im already 5’4″ and im already in b-cup PLZ tell me ill stop growing PLZ i like the way i am right now!!!

  177. i am 6’3 what can i do to decrease my height i wish i was 5’2 ‘5’3 i hate being tall everyone always points it out. an looks at me weird!! =(

  178. Hi I’m 15 and my height is only 160 cm less than almost all my classmates. I feels so bad to be the 1st or 2nd boy of our class in assembly. Morever, My face is very big according to my rest of the body, like it can fix into a body of 6ft boy and my voice is not fully grown by now but I have beard and mustache.. :( Will my height grow ?? I havent grown a Inch since 2 years.. Well I got all the hairs in those 2 years.. Please tell me how to Increase my Height naturally min. 5 inches… Olease

  179. im like 5’2 i had my period for 3 years now i think and im 14 i needx to grow my sister is 5’8 my dad is 5’11 and my mom is 5’5

  180. I’m 12, going to be 13 in January, and am 5′ 1″ 1/2, and I have had my period for almost 2 years now (2 years in Jan.) but it doesn’t come on a regular basis. Sometimes it doesn’t come until 3 months later. I really want to be at least 5′ 5″, but I am scared I won’t grow anymore. Pretty much all of my firends are about to get taller than me, and I don’t like that. My mom is 5’2″ and my dad is 5’11” (almost 6’0″). Can anyone please answer back if they know (or think) I will grow any taller???

  181. im 13, turning 14 in march and im 5’6. i like my height and i hope im done growing because im pretty sure i went through my growth sprut. grew 3 inches when i was 12 – 13. im excited to go to highschool because i won’t feel like the “tall girl”.

  182. I’m 16 years old and I started my period when I was 12 nearly 13. I’m 162cm tall. does anyone no how many feet and inches tall I am?

    what’s up?
    i am 14 going to 15 i am 154 cm and i want my tall to be 165
    does anyone of u have any idea
    and thanks alot

  184. I’m a girl and I’m 12 and I’m 5’2″ I’m one of the shortest kids in my class of 27, and I’m as tall as some girls and taller than maybe 6 people in my whole class. My dad is 5’8″ and my mom is 5’6″ I’m taller than my dad’s mom, which is kinda cool, but I feel short. My parents and doctor think I’ll be 5’8″, but I don’t know. I just want to be taller/: I am sick of being called short. But I am taller than most of the girls in 8th grade which is weird. I don’t think periods have anything to do with it

  185. Hi im 11 years old nearly 12 in 5’4 and i havent started my periods yet…is this normal?
    but my family are all quite tall…people allways say i look 14 because im so tall for 11 x

  186. I’m 5’9 and 18 years old, I stopped growing when i was 15. I just wanted to reach at least 5’10 but dont think thats possible anymore!

  187. Sup everybody. I’m a guy, 18, and standing at just 5’9. I wanna be at least 6’0……. Do I still stand a chance?

  188. I am 11 how tall will I be when I grow up I am 5 feet in the sixth grade (I wanna be a basket ball player when I grow up cause I am the best center in the family and my grade level in my school)

  189. Hi, im 14 and have some stomach fat.
    My legs are way longer than my torso, im wondering if my torso wil grow and i will lose that stomach fat? will this happen?

  190. I’m 12 year old girl and 5’8″ I like my height, but i feel self conscious about it because i am the BIGGEST klutz you’ll never meet AKA: i cannot play basketball for my life. (and it sucks when people say “wow your tall!How old are you?”…”Wow you should play basketball”I have this convo once a day) I guess you’d say i’m sorta a nerd but i have lots of friends and I’m HILARIOUS! (not to gloat) Honestly, i think short people are lucky, cuz (i hate to stereotype but from what i’ve seen) tall/all guys like short girls. Tall people have big feet, so it’s hard to find cute shoes. You sometimes feel fat because even if your tall, saying you weigh 145 pounds, and everyone else weighing like 100-120; when you shop, you always have to get the larger sizes unless you like highwaters and jackets that barely get to your wrist. You get neck cramps from looking down all the time which somewhat, makes (me atleast) sleepy. Plus your head is always in danger! low doorways, and the bottems of bunk beds are the worst, if you forget to duck you have that bump you see on classic cartoons. And, my arms are unnaturally long, and hanging down are only an inch away from my knee, so (as i follow the hem doesn’t go above you fingertips rule) i hardly get a chance to wear shorts and miniskirts. But honestly, the worst is those days when you forget to put on deoderant, lost the one you keep in your locker, and you have gym first thing in the morning, everyone seems to know your pits STINK! but other than that being tall, is pretty awesome. But short people, DON’T WORRY ABOUT BEING TALL! Sometimes it actually sucks. And short dudes are especially HOT!!!!

    It’s funny, how no “average” people have really said anything on this page

  191. drink milk and avoid eatin carbonhydrates,stretch your self (yoga that is) and get enough rest (atleast 8 hours sleep)…go swimming and play basketball as it is fun and makes you grow taller

  192. So, I’m 13 & will be turnig 14 in about 5 months. I’m currently 5’5/5’6 (about 5’5.5).
    Is there anyway that I can grow 4 or 5 cm?
    My mum is 5’6 ( most of her sisters are around 5’8).
    My dad is 5’10.
    Will I be able to reach 5’8?

  193. Hey i’m a boy 15 years old i’m turning 16 about 2 months to go and i’m just 5’4 please tell me, how do i grow up to at least 6ft?

  194. Hi guyz am a boy, and i love football.my role model is cristiano ronaldo .i want to be as tall as him he is 6’1/6’2 and am 5″11 am 17 can i be as tall :)

  195. I’m just 15 years old and i’m just 4’10 i think i’m really short and i want to be a model but i think i can’t now because i’m so short i want to be tall maybe 5’3 but i can’t i know and my dream is not going to be true i hate my life now

  196. i am 14 year old girl im taller then most of the girls in my class 5 feet 9 inch when will i stop growing?

  197. When I was 15, I used to be 5’6″1/2 on my height. Now im 18 and now im 5’10”. It really depends on your lifestyle and genetics. Mom and Dad is 5’0″ (possibly malnourished when they were still growing) but my grandpa and uncle are both 5’10”. I think you guys will continue to grow with proper nutrition

  198. Hey my name I’s kelsi Noles I’m 18 years old I want to be a model so bad my height I’s 5’2 but I know all model don’t half to be tall I love getting my pictures taking from anybody I also love the fashion magizanies I love dressing up too I also love dancing to all kind of music I love music singing all the time I have sang on stage more than I can remmber I also did two years of theater loved it two I tale my family all the time I want to be famous but there like u got to find somebody or someone to get the jobs u want that I want

  199. Ok I’m 14 and well I’m 5 feet tall just under 5″1 and I haven’t hit my period yet but im scared my mom was 5″10 and my dad 6″4 so why am I short ANd my bro is 6″2 my sis 5″6
    Please answer I need this answered

  200. i am a 14 year old and 1 week im taller than all of most of my family members, i am ft6”0 and my feet are size 12.5 American European 47, how tall will i get??? will my feet grow anymore?

  201. my left leg is 3 inches longer than my right. i have no idea what could be wrong. we’ve been to every doctor. i can whobble but when i run downhill i can angle myself to where i look like i’m not whobbling. im a 17 year old girl and i have facial hair. btw, the dermatologist gave me some cream, but i really just think its prescribed nair. thanks for all the help! love you guys!

  202. well im 5’6 and im at the age 14 i hope i dont grow no more my boyfriend shorter then me and yeah i want him to be taller then me or at least the same height but i hate being tall-____- well i hope i dont grow!;D

  203. it took me half a day to read all the comments on this page and people say there 5’9 or 5’11 and i don’t get why people think thats tall. tall to me is something like 6’6. i would do anything to be 6’6 or taller. and can anybody post some exricises or streches that make people get taller it doesn’t even have to add that much just as long as it adds something that would be a huge help and you wouldn’ know how much that would help me. one of the reasons i want to be so tall is because i play basketball and im not even close to being the tallest person on the court so any help or answers would be great and a big help

  204. Howsit people,

    I’m 16 and I wear a size 18 and I’m aroind about 7 foot something and I weigh 130 kg’s. Will I stop growing or… Will I grow to be even bigger?!

  205. i hope this thread isn’t dead and i also found out im 5’7 not 5’6 i really hope some one posts something that will help me get tall and i also forgot to mention that im a male

  206. Hey im twelve and im a girl ^ obviously haha, im 5.9/5.10 and im the tallest in my year and the year above, im also a lot thinner then most of the girls in my year, yet i eat SO much more than anyone else. I think the food i eat goes to my feet (size 12) :P i dont really mind though because i could be a model when im older, if i want to that is :)

  207. hey guys im amber im 15 and about 5’6 or 5’6 i wish was taller about 5’10 i really want to be a model i have worked so hard and im not going to let my height take this from me i asked my doctor and she said i was only going to grow an inch i hope shes wrong but according to this i have four year lets see what happens

  208. Hi I’m 14 and 5″10. I’m now the tallest in my class and have grown a whole foot in the last two years, My dad is 6’4 and my mum is 5’7. i model, i don’t really notice my height but other people always do and most guys are taller than me :( but a reasonable amount aren’t too, i’m proud of my height and apparently girls stop growing, well atleast slow down about two years after there first period, so i’ll grow for around a year and a half more…. ( i’m female…:)

  209. hey guys,
    I’m Jennifer and i am only 5’2 and i am 14. I want to be a model some day just to feel good about myself and gain some confidence, but i have to be taller. what do you think my height may be when i’m 18

  210. Im currently 5’5 and size 10 in feet had my period last year i am 13 wondering if there is any chance that i will grow taller soon. :)

  211. Im 12 and have fully gone threw puberty and im five feet tall do u think I will grow taller? any tips.. and does masturbation stunt growth alotta people say it does

  212. I’m 13 turning 14 in December:)
    I started getting breasts when I was about in 4th grade. I was an A cup in 5th grade, and in 6th grade I was still and A cup. And then in 7th grade I shot up to a B cup and then in no time a C up. I’m only a size away from being a D cup! I’m in 8th grade now and a Size 38C
    My body measurements are 38, 29, 40.
    I have pretty big hips. I am built JUST like my mom. I think I’m about 5’5.
    My mom told me that she started growing taller aroun my age. I believe she’s 5’8 or 5’9.
    I wear a size 13 in jeans! Because of the hips! My mom said that the women in we family carry thier weight super great. I have no tummy at all! Most of my weight is in my thighs, and hips. I’m really glad to be born this way. I really think I would hate being pin straight. But that’s just my opinion!

  213. Im 5’10 and 15 years old, my dad is 6’2 and my mom is 5’7. went to a doctor and he said i will be taller than my dad :DD now i can punk my dad in basketball lol

  214. I’m 15 and I’m 5’11.75″ tall and I am considered pretty damn tall by my age group. I just want through it out there for all the apparently brain dead people asking and say things like is or the averagish height for a 14 year old is 6’3 and what not. They are wrong the average height for a American man is 5’10”. And for a female it’s 5’4.5″. Stop lying and give straight answers. There is A very low percentile of people 6’5″+ and it astounds me how many people claim ridiculous heights. This only leaves me with one thing. They LIE. Don’t let em get you down or make you feel short.

  215. well im a girl i just turned 13 and already at 5 ‘7.i still have 5 years i guess according to you. i really hope thats not true or i will be a giant in no time.

  216. My boyfriend is 12 and he already hit puberty and his voice is really deep he grows like evry single day its really wierd now he is 5’6 im 10 and i am 5’3 for a 10 year old i think im pretty tall whenever i kisss my boyfriend i have to get on my tippy toes

  217. I’m 18 and I’m fairly certain I’ve stopped, but I’ve been experimenting with ways to increase my height. it IS possible.

  218. I am a 12 year old girl who is 5’10, I wanna be at least the minimum 6’4, I took a quiz online to c how tall i would get n it said 5’8. Well now I no that not true.

  219. am 15 years old , and after two months i will be 16, and i am 165 cm .Can you hlp me what shall i do to grow taller plz..

  220. I had my period when I was 11 and now I’m 13 just about 14 and I’m 5’4 I have been 5’4 for about 2 years now and on my mom and dads side everyone is about my height but my mom and dad are pretty tall but my mom had her period when she was 14 so do you think I am done growing? The doctor said I was done but I really don’t know if she’s right.

  221. i am 13 and just got my period at the beginning of the school year of 8th grade, i was a little late. i am 5’4 1/2 how tall will i be when i’m done growing?

  222. Getting taller after puberty is something that many people would like to acheive. Luckily it is possible with the right information and a little effort. If you’ve been searching for a miracle supplement that will make you start growing again and help you tower over others, forget it. Once your growth plates close, your bones are locked in at their current length.Thanks a lot.

  223. I am 12. and my doctor told me that ill stop growing now im 5’2 :D and funny thing that im freaking athletic and in basketball its funny im the shortest person on the team a 8th grader 5’3

  224. Well I’m 17 and i’m 5 feet tall. I started my period at an early age and I wonder if that really has anything to do with it. I’m happy being short. My boyfriend is 6 foot 4″ and he loves how small I am :) no one should worry about their height, I’m sure everyone fits with their height :)

  225. im 14 and 5,3 1/2 my mums 5, 4 and my dad 5,10 i started my cycle wen i woz 12 will i grow i hop so by th way the oldest female in my close family is 5, 7 and th kind of distant tallest female is like 5, 11 i soo wana grow id do anyfin to

  226. hello i have a 10 year old girl and she is 5’7″ will she keep growing and is this normal my husband is 6’3″ and i am 5’7″ i stoped growing when i was 16 please help

  227. I am 16 and 5ft 7 almost. the scary thing is that i have been at this height since i was 14. I want to believe that i am just having a growth pause lol. cos i wanna be about 5ft 10 – 6ft.
    I don’t know why everyone is saying plz help cos nobody really can. Its your genes and lifestyle that determines your height.

  228. I’m a 15 year old sophomore, and im 6 feet. Half the sophomore girls in high school are barely above 5 feet! Haha and guess what!? I honestly dont care! It doesnt matter how tall you are, because most guys dont worry about that;) So stop worrying that your all gonna “stop growing and be 4 feet tall for the rest of your life”!!
    ~Yours Truly,
    Mr. StudMuffin

  229. Hello everyone and please tell me what you think.

    Im about to turn 15 in 2 months.
    I work out and run every day.
    Eat healthy and 5″10
    My dad is 6″2 and so is my older brother.
    I haven’t seen growth in 1 year and thinking im done as im seeing signs stage 5 of puberty.
    Also hit puberty when i was 11.

    Please respond to me because i want to be 6″1 due to basketball reasons. Thanks for reading.

  230. I am 15 (incoming 16 this Jan 2012) My height is 5’5″. I weigh 94.8 lb (43kg). And I want to grow 2-3 more inches to be a model. ^^ I FERVENTLY HOPE IT…….

  231. I’m 15 and 4’10 Im really short and really skinny (82 pounds) I am so small because I was born 2 months early and I have been the smallest girl in my class since forever. I hate it!! I had my period a little more than a year ago and I haven’t really grown much since then. Is there any hope for me? I REALLY want to grow and gain like a thousand pounds lol.

  232. To me being tall NEVER sucks. I love it soooooo much. I’m 16 and 5’9. Really, it’s like the only thing I love about myself… but still, if I could I would make myself grow 1 or 2 inches more.

  233. i am 5 feet 4 and i am 16 and i wanna be like 3-4 more inches tall to be a model is it possible? pls help……….

  234. I’m 16 this year and only 5’2
    I really wish i can grow a few more inches. It’s affecting me mentally and physically, i was around this height when i was 11. I didn’t grow much since then, my period came when i was 10 years old. I really want to be 5’5 so badly! Or at least 5’3 or 5’4 :(
    My dad’s 5’7 and my elder brother is slightly shorter than my dad. My mom’s 5’3
    I get jealous and really sad when i see other girls taller than me. I feel the shortest among my friends. I remember as a kid before puberty i kept growing, i was the tallest and i was so happy about it. But now it’s like everyone else is taller. Could it be because my period came early and i’m done growing ? Since when i was 2-9 years old i grew really fast and a lot.

  235. iam of 15 and i had my period early when i was of 9.now iam 151 cm………and iam afraid whether i will grow further or not

  236. I’m almost 15 and i’m 5’6″
    my mom is almost 5’5″ & my dad is 6’2″
    my doctor said that i was done growing, but this is not true. I am experiencing growing pains and I never actually had a growth spurt, so you never know!
    Never lose hope if you want to grow taller (:

  237. I started getting my period around the age of 12 (I think) but I have been tall ever since I was young, way back in preschool years. When I was 4 years old, I always thought I was the oldest one in the group because I was taller then almost everyone else but now I come have to realize that I have ALWAYS been the one of the youngest in all of my classes, groups, grades, whatever you like to call it. The earliest age I (think I) can remember how tall I was was when I was 7 and I was like 4’11 (I remember a picture of me and my mom that was taken when I was in 2nd grade and she was a few inches taller then me…and she’s 5’3). Three years later…I was 10 years old and I was 5’3 (or + because I remember being my mothers height) and now I’m 14 years old and I’m 5’7 the last time I checked (but my parents say they think I grew an inch more or something). I just want to know, how tall will I grow? I’m actually not worried about it, I LOVE being tall! :) I wanna grow to be 5’11 (I want to be taller then my father since he’s 5’10 xD it’s kinda funny actually). My growing pattern is pretty much an inch a year so if I stop growing at the age at 18, then I’ll be the height I wanna be :) but I heard you stop growing after 14 or something so I wonder…also just gonna add this fact since I see a few people here did it, my shoe size ranges from 9 to 10 (depends on shoe brand) xD

  238. Enjoy whatever height you are, girls. Short girls are cute, in older times they used to be called “pocket Venuses.” Tall girls wear clothes well, like models, and can reach things on high shelves.

    The only reason to be concerned about height is if you are at the very extremes. That can be due to health reasons that need attention. For example, if you’re a guy over 6’5″ or a girl over 6′ you may have Marfans syndrome. With care this is not a big problem, but it does need care. Or, if you are really very short you might need growth hormones (the latter do not increase height unless there actually is a medical problem.)

  239. i am going to turn 14 and i am only 5feet tall. it doesnt matter in my family because i am bigger in height from my cousins and aunt but shorter from my mom she is 5,3 (this height is average but known as good in my family i am very scared wheather my height will grow or no next year i am gonna be in grade 10 and scared as i am the shotest in my class .
    will my height grow???????

  240. I am 13 years old and I am only 5’6 (168 cm) now :( I hate it want to grow taller like all the girls in my class, they’re are like 5’9-5’10. even people that are two years younger than me are taller than me. It’s so unfair. lol, maybe I end up just being 5’7 feet :(:(:(. My dad is 5’11 and my mom is 5’9. I live in Norway, and most of the grown up girls are 5’9 and more. and I will probably only be 5’7.

  241. I Am 16 and 5ft4 i am one of the tallest girls in my school..lol..they’re all short .i am kind of a slim girl so everyone thinks that not eating much is the reason i like my body the way it looks …like kind of a supermodel but a short one i just wish if only i could get taller =( and for the girls above 5 ft 5 u’re so lucky ;)

  242. You will probably reach 6’2″ish at least man, when i turned 16 at the start of the year i was 184 or 185 cm and is was about 60kgs (132pounds) im almost 17 now and im about 189cm and about 72 kgs (like 158 pounds) if you gain heaps of weight it might not help with height and you shrink during the day about 3cm or something so get an average height and check your armspan cause when i was about 186cm my armspan was 199.8cm

  243. I’m 14 I’ve had my period since i was 9 and I am only 4’11 1/2. My mother stopped growing when she was 12. she is exactly 4’11 so I am half an inch taller than her. My brother and sister were blonde haired and blue eyed when they were born. both my parents are brown haired and brown eyed and I’m the only brown haired and brown eyed kid.Im more like my dads side of the family than my two siblings and most of my dads family is over weight and i weigh 152 but i am exercising to lose all the fat . im going for 120 like my brother and sister and they are older than me so its really embarrassing because i weigh more and i am shorter than my siblings. do you thing i will grow taller? what do you thing is the best weight for 4’11 teenage girl?

  244. Oh wow I’m jealous now of all those really tall 12 year olds. I suddenly feel short even though I’m actually kinda tall. Lol…

    I’m 12, around 5’3″ and a shoe size 7. I have had my period. I’m really skinny and my mom was 5’8″ and my dad is 5’9″. How tall do you think I will be? People say I might be 5’8″ and I hope I am that tall, but maybe I would like to be taller…

  245. im 12 and Im about 5’4 and im taller than most of my friends and I kind of feel weird around all the short people…I started my period months ago and I dont want to get a lot taller :/… does anyone know when I might stop growing??

  246. jerry says: i am 18, 19 in a few days and my voice still hasnt deepend and i still havent hit puberty or grown a beard, is there something wrong with me, i have obviously grown because im a whopping 6ft8″ should i be worried?

    sam says: i 2 am the same age as jerry as we are twins. non of this has happened to me either, apart from the fact that ive grown a large amount of under arm hair and i am slightly worried as i didnt no girls should have manly features. please help us!

  247. Im like about 4’11” and my best friend who was always shorter than me is now taller than me and I’ve had my period for like since I was eleven I’m 14 now and a girl is there anyhope that I might grow even one inch all the guys in my school are put of by the fact that I’m so short I’m constantly reminded too by my friend about how shes taller than me and about all the guys in my school about how I’m so short I’m scared of never being liked again once the guys get taller and especially by my guy friend he’s getting super tall :( and also Im reall self conscious I’m not pretty and I short :( is there any hope for an inch of height or another bf I’ve had 6 and my first bf was when I was 11 please tell me can a guy that’s 6’3″ ever like a girl that’s under five feet I’ve known him forever

  248. I’ve 4 children 1son – 14 years 4feet 8inches 75pounds 2son- 11years 3feet1.5inches 60pounds 3daughter- 10 years 6feet 3.5 inches 154 pounds 4daughter – 9years 5feet11inches 130pounds.
    my 1daughter could lift both of the boys on her hip at the same time, while my 2daughter could lift both boys on her hand at same time. My2son is not even the half height of my 1daughter, my 1 son is not even as half heavy as 1 daughter. So both my sons are very depressed. Outsiders feel that my 1daughter is the mother of the two boys in my absence. In my presence, they feel that 1daughter is the eldest, 2eldest is 2daughter, 3eldest is my 1son, the youngest as 2son. So they become very depressed. none of them have reached their puberty yet. What can I do now?

  249. I’m 5’9 and a half, male and 156lbs (70.6kg) I used to do powerlifting and my diet was calorie high, I found suqatting ATG helped increase my height slightly as it releases a bit of human growth hormone (mainly makes your internal organs grow though, do not want) and my body fat is 11.8%. If you want to grow, you need to excersises well (cardio releases HGH) sleep well as in REM stage you release HGH and eat well (eat at your maintainece BMR level or lsightly more if you are a rather active person) and you will help add on a few inches :) All in time though.

    I hope to reach 6ft as my father is 6ft 4, my mother is 4ft 7 so my chances are possibly there.

    After lifting for 2 months I grew an inch and a half then I went on a calorie deficit, lifted less and didn’t sleep as much due to school work, didn’t grow much. There are many ways to grow more (although you only want to grow through natural methods!)

    But don’t forget, whom you are matters more than what you look like ;)

  250. Im 12 just started puberty, im five three, i want more muscle mass though, height should come, the growth pains are starting

  251. I am 16 and about 6’1″……… I am hoping to reach a minimum height of about 6’3″ although i would ideally like to be 6’4″….does anyone know if there is any chance of this??

  252. I am 13 and 5′ 2 1/2″. I am about an inch shorter than average. I eat nutritous foods and get lots of sleep, but not too much on the exercise department. Ever since a couple weeks ago, I am trying to work out on the treadmill to boost my height. I wish I had exercised more before I hit puberty, because then I would definitely grow. Oh well, still worth a shot :)

  253. Im 15, & a freshmen in high school. Im only 4’10 & i hate it. I wouldn’t mind being 5’0 or 5’1. Any ideas on how to get taller.

  254. I’m 14 years old… 15 in 3 months. I’m 5’5 flat. My mum is a bout 5’6… but my aunties are around 5’7 or 8. I really want to grow taller at least 5’8 because I’m scared that all my friends might out grow me. I exercise every week and have the right body weight for my body… please help!!! :(

  255. i am 25 years old boy..my height is approx 5″7..but my body not grows…my weight is 40kg…i have taken all the suppliments for body growth..but it not effects me..my diet is also too heavy….plzzzzz give me some resolution abt it.

  256. I’m 18 and I’m 5’6. Does anyone think im short. I wear 5 inch stilettos and they make me look 5’11 probably even a little bit taller because im skinny. Does anyone know if I have a chance of getting taller? At least one inch?

  257. I am 13 years old, going to be 14 in 1 month’s time. I am 5’11 now. Is this normal?? Well, I don’t think I am… :O

  258. I’m 11 yrs. old and im 5’5 feet,I hope when im 18 ill stop growing!!!:)im not the tallest one in my class there r like 3 more people that are my height!

  259. Hi! when I was 14 years old I was at 5’4. There was a cousin sister for me, who was 12 and 5’6.
    It was decided to marry both of us before I was born. When I was 14, it was predicted that both I and she would become 5’10. But I could only meet her I was 25. That time standing same at 5’4. But she had towered me by 2’2.(She became 7’6). Then I was only at her belly.But she accepted me to marry.Now, after 13 years, we have three girls.

    But the problem is that all of them are bigger than me.I am the head of my family but all the heads are above me.
    My first daughter is 10, at 6’4 and 132 lbs. She is predicted to reach 7’7.
    My second daughter is 9, at 5’11 and 124 lbs.She is predicted to reach 7’5.
    My third daughter is 7, at 5’5 and 104 lbs.She is predicted to reach 7’4.
    My wife is 184 lbs when I am only 96 lbs.
    All of the persons in my home can lift me in one hand except my last daughter.(She could only lift by both hands)
    I could hardly reach the chest of my first daughter, neck of my second daughter and eyes of my last daughter.
    All of them call me ‘shorty’, dwarfy, tricky.
    I am intimidated and dominated by all of my family members.
    When playing monkey game, they just pass the ball by their hands(when I act like monkey).

  260. Every girl that says they worried that they are going to stop growing because the got their period , well i have news for you. It’s not true! I was 5″5″ at the age of 13 when i got my period and now I’m 15 and 5’8″. So I have news for you it only happens to some people.

  261. Im 18 years old, Male and im 6’1 wearing regular shoes, and weight 181 lbs. I was wondering at what age do men stop growing? will i reach my goal of 6’2? (O_O)! i feel sorry for all those short guys who are under 5’9, that just sucks! lol XD

  262. HELP IM 18, n I’m 6’0… MY DAD IS 6’4! I really want to reach @ least 6’3!
    How can I do that?

  263. hi i am 13.5 and 5’1. got my period at 12.
    mom; 4’10
    dad; 5’5
    will i be able to reach 5’4

  264. Hello
    im almost 15, male, and im around 187cm. Is it possible for me to reach 2 meters if my mom is 160cm and my dad is 190cm? Im a aller so i really need extra height!

  265. I’m confused. I’m still growing and I got my period over a year ago and I’ve already got my growth spurt, which was back in April. How do I know I’m growing? Well, I am getting taller than my piano teacher literally every week and the people who were head and shoulders taller than me are roughly my height. Totally confused! I’m about 5’3″ – 5’4″

  266. i am 9 years old and i am 4’4” almost 4’5” almost all of my friends are taller than me. i have 10 friends. 7 of them are taller than me. please god make me to be 5’9” when i grow up. i hate being small. last year i was taller than 6 or 7 people in my class last year. yes i am a tiny tiny tiny girl in every single way. no friend my friend Lea is like 4’8”. no fair there’s a kid named justin that is 5’1”. my dad and i have eczema but i wonder if i have the same body as my dad i think i might be tall as him. my brother is 5’6” and almost all of his friends are taller than him. my mom is 4’11” 1/2. my dad is 5’11” 3/4. i feel tall but i am not. i wish i was any taller. if i grew 2 inches a year til i was 18 i would be 5’9”. i am expecting to be 4’5”. i was 4’3” last year

  267. I’m 11, and I’m about 5 or 5’1. I am not going to grow more, and I’m honestly okay with that. I’m not short I’m fun sized! I yawned….weird!

  268. I am 13 years old and 5’8, ive always been tall and taller than most of my friends. sometimes it can be a disadvantage but it can also be an advantage. i kinda wanna stop growing now cuz im tired of being taller then everyone. my mom has tall genes but my dad doesnt..how tall do you think ill be in the future? ive been trying to drink coffee lately but i dont think its gonna help

  269. I’m girl of 14 years and 25 days old. I am currently a teensy smidge (about 1/16 of an inch) below 5′ 2”. I hope I grow more, my mom is 5′ 4 3/4” and my older sister is 5′ 6 3/4”. I hadn’t grown for four months or so and then suddenly just this week I grew almost 1/4 of an inch. I am an active person who rides horses and runs my dogs around even in winter. I am at a so-so height. I hope to be at least as tall as my mom. I do have a chance though, because I may have hit another growing spurt and I’m not even 14 and 1 month yet. Oh, and my dad is 5′ 8” and my brother is 5′ 11 3/4”. (Everyone seems to have 3/4 of an inch on their height, strangely.) I sure hope I’ll grow more.
    But if I don’t grow anymore, then oh well. As long as I can stay quick, agile, and energetic until I’m old.

  270. I am 7 years old and im 6’9 can anyone tell me if this is normal? and if i will keep grown. I hope ill still grow more.

  271. I am a 14 year old girl and I am only 5 feet tall. I’m super short. I hope I am not done growing. I haven’t grown in more than one year. I’m starting to worry. Can someone tell me if I’ll still grow? My mom is 5’6″ and so is my dad. My 11 year old brother is 5’2″.

  272. I’m almost 15 and my height is 5’6″. Is my height right for my age. Can i grow to 6 feet. My dad is 5’11” and mom is 5’5″.

  273. im 12 im turning 13 in august 18 im 5 foot 8.4 well just say 5’8 in a half i want to be at LEAST 6 feet :( but my dad is only 5 9…..but im still growing i just dont grow alot during school because of sleep but very active so i always grow on summer will i be 6’3 with a 5’9 dad? i have alot of growing time.OH im a boy by the way

  274. Hi I am 11 and a girl I have got my period does that mean I am done growing because I am 5’4 and I play volleyball and I am a hitter does it mean I am done growing?

  275. well what can I say.. I’m 14 years old and I’m 5’8 and a couple centimeters. I absolutely hate it. I feel really award and gross especially around shorter guys.. well I really would love to be like 5’4 or 5’5 if anyone knows a way to get shorter please tell me. I got my period when I was 13 it does not stop you from growing.. I’ve grown like 2 inches. you may think its nothing huh 2 inches ehhh but it sure makes a big difference when it comes to height. I’m super skinned and have very long legs.. I discust myself honestly. :/ hopefully I can stop growing..

  276. 15 5’1
    Always been the small kid
    13 4’11 now still the same height
    People lie to me saying I will grow 3 more inches
    When they know they can tell me I’m done
    I eat right,exercise and get enough sleep
    All it seems to do is make me smaller or shrink

  277. No one really knows how much you will grow or how tall you will be. Your family and friends are probably estimating based on the height of your mom, dad, or grandparents height. No lies just estimates. It stinks not knowing and being short your whole life but when the average american male visits China the people their think we’re giants. If you go to Germany and walk through the castles on the Rhine River the average american male has to duck his head to walk through the old castles doors. Such a cool mystery because modern day germans are much taller now! Here in america we impress the world with our towering athletes! People all over the world have differences that make them so unique and interesting. We have to embrace what has been given to us or we will completely miss the mark and plan God has for us. I believe very strongly that we were all created with a grand purpose. So many of us don’t realize how perfect our bodies actually are in spite of our comparison to others. Our bodies were designed and created by the God that created the universe and every living thing we see. I hope you feel encouraged knowing that you were designed by the one true God! Shake what your daddy gave ya!

  278. I grew up on a farm in northern California, always ate great food, played lots of sports (football, tennis, wrestling, track), my brother is almost 6′ tall but I am only 5’1″. I want to share with all of you that you will be exactly as tall as you are going to be. All the clothes and shoes in my closet fit me and no one else. I have completed law school and have successfully practiced law for many years. The world is made of many people of many sizes. Please accept your height and yourself and keep your eyes on your goals. Never listen to anyone that says you are “too short” (heard that a million times), “too tall”, or anything else. Be who you are.

  279. My brother never ate right. He started eating a lot of fish and veggies in his late teens and suddenly shot, almost eight inches. A friend who hadn’t seen him in a year did not recognize him.

  280. I am 17 an i’m 6ft 2in, Size 11 shoes, I also have quite a large amount of hair on my body especially my legs and feet, I started growing rapidly by the time i was 13 where in 6 wks I grew 7 inches! from 5ft to 5ft 7in by the time I was 14 I was already 6ft and clearly one of the tallest people in my year. I am currently growing by about 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches a year. There is no shame in being tall or small it’s just depends on how your body works.

  281. As I am reading thru all these comments, I am thinking about my two teenage girls ages 15 and 13, both slightly taller than average, one is very thin and one is heavy. Yet the are the two most beautiful young woman I have ever seen. I have tried my best not to let them get hung up on their bodies and the outside people come in every shape and size. Tall, short, thin, fat, ugly and pretty. Just think of how plain the world would be if we were all the same size and shape. EMBRACE what makes you. You will be much happier if you stop worrying about the outside and help the inside grow, like your heart and mind.

  282. I am 18, male and havent grown in over a year, my brothers are 6ft2 , 6ft3, 6ft3 and 6ft5. I am currently at 5ft11 and have size 12 shoes! Dad is 6ft1 and mum 5ft8 Am i finished growing?

  283. Im 14 and im around 5’6-5’7 and im really worried that ill stop growing soon, i really want to reach 5’9. Do you think i will grow to be that height?

  284. im 15 and only about 5ft 7, which is a bad thing since im a basketball player
    how tall can i get? maybe i will get taller because my arms are long (i can touch the highest part of my knees while standing and my wingspan is bigger than my height) and my legs are also pretty long too, i have a 6ft 1 cousin and my arms are a bit longer than his, but my legs and hands are just a bit smaller
    this year i grew about 6 inches, do you think i will keep growing?

  285. marissa You’re not short if you’re 13. You still have lots of time to grow.
    Everyone grows at their own pace, so don’t worry too much about it.

  286. I’m only 12 and already I’m 5’4.5 but yet compared to almost everyone in my family i am very short…so i think that i will keep growing for a while.

  287. I’m 13, and I am 5’4. I’m a girl as well, is that short?? I don’t want to grow anymore but my foot is a size 9 in women’s and I was told since my foot is big, I’m gonna be really tall :/

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