Where does the term “Litterbug” come from and What does Litterbug mean?

“Litterbug” is a term coined by an unknown person, probably about 1945, and now designating one who strews litter wherever he goes.

The term was descried in 1950 on the back of a truck by Mrs. Henry W. Land, a member of the Mount Dora, Florida, Lakes and Hills Garden Club, and it was suggested that litterbug be adopted by the club in connection with a roadside clean-up campaign planned by that organization.

Announcement of the plan; in the June 22, 1950, issue of the weekly Mount Dora Topic, closed with the statement, “The cleanup campaign . . . will carry the theme: ‘Don’t be a litter-bug!'”

where does the term litterbug come from and what does litterbug mean

The slogan and litter campaign were subsequently adopted, in order, by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., The South Atlantic Region, and the National Council of Garden Clubs.

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