Where Is Mount Aso And Is It The Largest Volcanic Crater On Earth?

Mount Aso is a 5,223-foot peak on the island of Kyushu, Japan.

The mountain was once a volcano, but it’s now a caldera, a crater formed when the cone of a volcanic mountain collapses. The caldera of Mount Aso is the largest volcanic Crater on earth, measuring more than 17 miles across. Its total circumference is some 71 miles!

This crater is so large that people live inside it. Three towns and 11 villages, home to thousands of people, are located within the huge volcanic crater!

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2 thoughts on “Where Is Mount Aso And Is It The Largest Volcanic Crater On Earth?”

  1. Indeed the volcano is still active but few eruptions in this
    21 years, and the eruption of Mount Aso is usually not lave
    but ash. (There are some mistakes in the explanation above).

    Yes, as you worried, no one can live if Mount Aso erupts
    like 90 thousand years ago (so huge). Mount Aso is really
    unique that you can look into the crater directly so why don’t
    you try when you come to Japan?

    a man living in Mount Aso

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