Which Country Makes The Most Movies?

Hollywood was the world’s film-making capital for many years.

But today, the United States is no longer number one among film making nations, it’s not even number two! Seven nations now make more full-length movies each year than the United States.

Japan, France, Italy, the Philippines, the former Soviet Union, and Mexico each make more films each year than this country. But the leading movie-making nation on earth is now India.

In a recent year, when only 156 films were made in the United States, 475 full-length films were made in India.

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11 thoughts on “Which Country Makes The Most Movies?”

  1. It’s not all about most or longest, it’s all about great movies, so Hollywood is still number one, because movies of Hollywood are still great, unlike all other countries where they only care about calling their random works with “Movies” !!

    Go Hollywood !

  2. Hollywood is a rich industry in comparision to bollywood(India).According to our above friend Hell Ice,Hollywood make great movies.But it’s not true.Hollywood do not make great movies,rather it makes EXPENSIVE or BIG BUDGET films.But only some of them has a meaningful story.In India,there are not Big Budget films,but there are good story movies.Hell Ice is a action loving guy,so it called hollywood movies as great.But he is not considering story,music.screenplay,etc.

  3. A. Hollywood makes the crappiest movies
    B. The Soviet Union hasn’t existed for 20 years.
    C. Hollywood is essentially a employment service for the rich and untalented. Go watch Batman 15 and tell us how eating poop tastes the best.

  4. HOLLYWOOD MAKE MOVIES ? HUH ? Never heard in my LIFE . Where is HOLLYWOOD ? Oh Let me think Um Oh I.C where you will find only None American People makes Movies in Hollywood ? Oh alright. USA don’t know how make movies period today’s Hollywood build by the out side people , Country like Italy, German, France, Japan, UK ,India ,and Latin America .

    Hope you guys will able to find what I’m trying to say

  5. Either all of you are overtly nationalistic indians who lives in a bubble or idiots who pretends they know something.
    @ SAM
    so you mean indian movies are better in general? Definitely, I dont agree. There are many crap movies in US but it goes the same for India and other countries. And being a great movie doesnt mean it need not be expensive. Movies are ALSO for audio visual purposes and not only story. If you think the stories or screenplay in hollywood sucks while in India its not then wake up and poke your bubble because you are an ethnocentric person

  6. The critic likes to criticize and take an anti position. But Sam is also wrong. There are a few movies made by each country which are really great/ good. Some movies entertain the general public, yet a few others only satisfy the critics. There are films from different genres – some tell a great story, some are visually appealing, some humorous and others are great in action or horror. It depends on your choice. Hollywood does produce some really great movies. But then so do other countries. Since there are many English speaking/ knowing nations, they tend to watch Hollywood and UK movies more. Hence obviously their greater popularity. We are writing this post in English and so obviously you will have people who know the language and will watch hollywood movies. But then how many have watched an Akira Kurusowa Movie to know how a movie is to be made? Not many I guess…………..

  7. Movies are for entertainment – Some like comedy, some action …. some drama some musicals…

    A typical Indian movie has to cater to over 1 BILLION and has all the above elements – Now they don’t make all perfect movies but neither does Italy, German, France, Japan, UK…

    As far as quantity is concerned India makes over 750 movies a year …

    I say watch whatever tickles your fantasies and enjoy the movies while you still can…

    God bless you all and go get your self entertained…

    Jai Ho !!!

    Dr. Chopra

  8. Most of Hollywood’s films are copies and remakes of films from other countries.. Just most people don’t know that because Hollywood never gives credit to the original film.. I mean what American besides an actual cultured one that isn’t afraid to watch something foreign will know about a film from Korea or Japan that the US film industry has ripped of.. Or films from other countries.. the US film Let Me In was a word for word, scene for scene rip off of Let The Right One In, a Swedish film. That’s the originality and “good” films Hollywood delivers. On some webpages like wikipedia, you will find statements that it was “based” on the original film.. but “based” is the wrong word to use, especially when it was an exact copy.. the only difference were the actors and the language. Everything else.. EXACTLY the same.. the scenes, the lighting the script, everything, right to the last detail. I’d never seen such a blatant exact copy of a film in my entire life. When I watched the film, I couldn’t close my mouth for the shock of how carbon copy it was. Then, when it comes to Korean and Japanese films that they remake.. they completely butcher them because they don’t get the nuance of the film at all. But, that’s American arrogance for you.. they think they know and understand everything even if it’s a culture 100% different from their own in every single facet there is to be in a culture. *smdh*

  9. It’s pretty well impossible to get completely accurate data on who makes the most films per year, but one thing’s certain. This author has it all wrong. It’s true India does make more films per year than any other country, but the US generally ranks second or third depending on the source. The only reason I can figure that this guy is getting away with this claim is through equivocation… In other words, he’s only counting productions by major Hollywood studios and none of the minors or independents. The reason I say this is because I’ve seen figures elsewhere that place the number of films made in the US each year in the low 900s…

    Further, he gives away his cultural bias by not even mentioning Nigeria, which usually is competitive with the US for second. Then on top of that, why even mention a country that doesn’t exist anymore? He might as well have included the Ottoman Empire in his statistics for all that’s worth. Clearly, this guy has some kind of axe to grind and is parsing put the statistics to suit his own cultural bias.

    As for quality assessments, well, that’s completely subjective and not even worth arguing about… And just makes anybody who does so look infantile.

  10. The United States of America has fifty states, all of which have made movies over the years A few years ago, Texas made more movies than the Los Angeles. New York is high on the list and North Carolina is rising in production.
    These days, Hollywood is just a place to buy cheap tee shirts.

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