Which Fish Can Swim Upside Down?

The upside-down catfish swims upside down because its mouth is under its head. If it wants to eat food that is floating on the surface, it has to swim upside-down.

It swims that way a good deal of the time, but when it is feeding at the bottom of a river, it can swim and eat right side up.

These fish are found only in the warm, fresh waters of Africa, and they grow as long as six inches. Like all catfish, they have “whiskers.” They must have pleased the ancient Egyptians, because replicas of these little creatures are found on many Egyptian monuments.

The American sea catfish is another animal with mouth problems. Its mouth is often full of fish eggs. It must hold its eggs, some of which are almost an inch long, in its mouth for a month until they are ready to hatch.

Sometimes it has as many as 55 eggs in its mouth at once. Of course, while they are tucked away in its mouth, it can’t eat. Upside Down Catfish are often kept as pets in aquariums.