Who was on U.S. President Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List”?

Literally hundreds of people and organizations were on U.S. President Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List”.

The list was given to government agencies, like the IRS, with quiet presidential orders to harass the people on it. He wanted payback.

Some of the more famous names on the list included movie stars, politicians, and media folks, including Carol Channing, Jane Fonda, Dick Gregory, Judith Martin (“Miss Manners”), Steve McQueen, Joe Namath, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, Edward Kennedy, Edmund Muskie, Harold Hughes, Walter Mondale, William Proxmire, Jack Anderson, Rowland Evans, Julian Goodman, Marvin Kalb, Joseph Kraft, Dan Rather, James Reston, and Daniel Schorr.

Nixon’s list also targeted an odd assortment of groups like the National Education Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Organization for Women, National Cleaning Contractors, Philip Morris, the Urban League, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the World Bank, and Harvard Law School.