Who Was the Original Dracula?

You surely know the story of Dracula, the vampire who lived in Transylyania. Did you ever wonder why Dracula was said to come from this mountainous region of Romania?

Vlad Dracul was a ruler in part of Romania during the fifteenth century. He led his people against the Turks, who were then invading the region. He took the nickname Dracul, which means “dragon” in Romania.

Vial’s son, who called himself Vlad Dracula in honor of his father, became known for his harsh treatment of Germans who were living in the region. These Germans spread tales that Vlad Dracula was a “monster.” But he is still remembered as a hero in Romania.

In the 1890’s, the Irish writer Bram Stoker decided to write a story about vampires. The belief in vampires, souls of dead people who suck the blood of the living, was common in eastern European countries. Because of Vlad Dracula’s reputation as a “monster,” Stoker used his name for the vampire in his story and made Romania the vampire’s home.

The seventh child horn to a family is considered lucky in England, Ireland, and some other countries. But according to Romanian legend, the seventh child will become a vampire after death!

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