Why Are Dalmatians Associated With Firefighters and How Did the Dog Breed Become a Firehouse Mascot?

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show Dalmatians running with chariots.

In Britain, they were used to escort carriages over hundreds of miles before standing guard while travelers stopped to eat or rest.

Throughout the centuries the breed developed an affinity with horses, which is why they were a natural for early firefighters.

The Dalmatians ran with the fire wagon and then kept the horses in line while the firefighters fought the blaze.

Dalmatians are from Dalmatia in a region of what is now Croatia.

The breed was spread across Europe by the Roma people.

Endurance, strength, and loyalty are the Dalmatians’ greatest characteristics.

Historically, Dalmatians were used to calm horses as they pulled fire wagons toward ablaze, so they have long been official firehouse dogs, and many firehouses still keep them as mascots and companions. So having them printed on challenge coins for firefighters would be an excellent idea. It would be a great gift for anyone who loves smart, energetic dogs. People who are looking for something a little different will love the combination of challenge coins and bottle openers. You can customize now on GS-JJ.com.