Why Did President Lyndon B. Johnson Have Barbecues On The White House Roof?

It was President Lyndon B. Johnson. He served marvelous steaks, baked potatoes, corn pudding, and pecan pie.

President Johnson was a very good and fast walker. Because he didn’t like to waste time, he often called press conferences at the last minute and had the reporters ask questions while he was taking one of his long walks.

The reporters called these sessions “walkie talkies.” Johnson was also an excellent dancer, and it was something he loved to do. One time, at a White House party, he waltzed fifty ladies in a row around the East Room.

His daughter Lucy is said to have taught him all the modern dance steps, including those danced to rock music. President Johnson liked to save money and was in the habit of turning out the electric lights as he left a room.

This became so important to him that sometimes he’d turn the lights off and walk out of a room, leaving people in the dark.