Why Do Foxes Nip At The Heels Of Cattle?

There have been many reports of foxes traveling along with herds of grazing cattle and sheep.

These reports tell of how the small foxes, which don’t even reach the knee of a cow, romp playfully within the herds and very gently nip at the cows’ legs and flanks. This causes the larger animals to move on, trying to get away from those pesky bites. The thumping of their heavy hooves drives mice and other burrowing rodents from the ground, and the foxes eat them.

A few years ago, the county of Door, Wisconsin, thought there were too many foxes in the area and decided to get rid of them. After the foxes had been driven away, the local mouse and rat population skyrocketed, and stored grain and crops were so badly damaged by the rodents that new foxes
had to be brought in.

Besides rodents, foxes also eat apples, berries, grapes, earthworms, and beetles. Like dogs, foxes often bury food they do not need right away.