Why do Magicians use Rabbits for Magic Tricks instead of Puppies or Hamsters?

Magicians using Rabbits in Magic Tricks is a tradition dating back to ancient Greece, who believed rabbits had magical powers, but that’s not true.

Rabbits are used because they don’t make noise like other animals and therefore can’t give away the trick, not because they’re cute and easy to handle.

Pet rabbits kept indoors are referred to as house rabbits, but domestic rabbits that do not live indoors can also be companions for their owners, they usually live in a hutch outside the home.

It is recommend that rabbits should not be kept as pets for small children because most children do not know how to stay calm and quiet around rabbits. Rabbits are timid creatures that startle easily.

Rabbits also have fragile bones, especially in their backs, that require proper support when picked up. Kids 6 years old and up are usually old enough to properly care for a rabbit.