Why Do People Throw Coins Into Fountains and Make a Wish and Where Did the Superstition Come From?

There are thousands of fountains around the world inviting passersby to toss in coins for good luck.

They have all been inspired by the romance of the legend behind Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi).

Built over a thirty-year period in the mid-eighteenth century, the Trevi became the focus of a legend that said throwing a coin over one’s shoulder and into the fountain meant one would visit Rome again.

Pitching two coins ensured that the thrower would fall in love with someone from Rome, while tossing three coins signified the thrower would marry that someone.

Rome has 289 fountains.

The Trevi Fountain was built from money raised by taxes on wine.

It is located in Piazza di Trevi, which was erected to commemorate the completion of the Aqua Vergine in 19 BC.