Why Do Some Spiders Lay Their Eggs On People?

Spiders don’t lay eggs in human skin.

Other insects may do this, like the mites that create the skin disorder scabies, but spiders are far too concerned with the well-being of their offspring to entrust them to the likes of us.

Warmth isn’t necessarily what mother spiders are seeking for their egg sacs; security is.

And that means protection from predators like birds. Yes, it’s true, some birds eat spiders.

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5 thoughts on “Why Do Some Spiders Lay Their Eggs On People?”

  1. so you say spiders dont lay eggs in skin but my niece just went to the doctors and they pulled out spider eggs that was laid under her skin i dont know how they got there unless it was from a spider lol but yes they can

  2. Im sorry matt. Im a biology student in Ohio. You are either lying or incredibly mistaken or both. There is absolutely no spider that lays its eggs in human skin. I’d believe a doctor pulled Margaret Thatchers shinbone out from underneath your niece’s skin before a silken spider egg sack. They are physically incapable of even doing that. They lack the proper parts. I do not mean to sound trollish, this is just an old wives tale I wish would just go away. It seems everyone knows a guy who knows a guy that this happened to. But it never happened to anyone actually telling the story. There is no evidence whatsoever of any species of spider even doing anything close to laying eggs inside the skin of any other organism.

  3. What did the eggs look like? I know you don’t know, but ask your sister what they looked like and size, color and quantity.

  4. I’m sure in the million years or so that man as we know him has been on earth everything that is possible has happened to him(or her). For you to call someone a liar and assume you can speak for all history just because you’ve taken a few classes from the same type of people that used to be sure the world was flat is very arrogant and shows that you are not smart enough to even know your not smart enough. You may be probably right, but not positively right or right enough to call someone a liar. Always try to hide your ignorance.

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