Why Do Women Cry at Weddings and Why Don’t Men Cry at Weddings to Express Their Happiness?

Men might cry at weddings, but they have been socially conditioned that as protectors and warriors signs of weakness such as tears invite an attack.

There is no such thing as “happy” crying.

Psychologists suggest that when people cry at happy endings, they are reacting to the moment when the critical outcome was in doubt.

A woman crying at a wedding is most likely expressing subconscious disappointment in the outcome of her own romantic dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do Women Cry at Weddings and Why Don’t Men Cry at Weddings to Express Their Happiness?”

  1. I’ve just been pondering this question, because I know I’ll cry at my daughter’s wedding. I know I will cry because of the emotional roller coaster we’ve been on planning the wedding. I know I will cry because she expected the “Cinderella” version of a wedding and won’t be getting it. I know I will cry because this day will be the first of many days she’ll count her blessings but only on her fingers; wedding, children, 1st day of school, graduation of elementary school, 1st date…Did you see the pattern. I will cry because this may be the last time my daughter will cry for her own happiness – on her own behalf. The other times that my daughter will cry because she is so happy will be that she is feeling the pride of being a mother – not being herself.

    I will cry at my daughter’s wedding because I know the ups and downs that the marriage will take her. The heart ache and the hurt feelings and the disappointment she may feel in her marriage, herself and her husband. I cry because she will be giving up herself to become part of a pair. Men don’t under stand that part because women usually give more than their share.

    I will cry at my daughter’s wedding because she’s a cancer survivor and at one point, we were not expecting to ever reach this stage of her life.

    I will cry at my daughter’s wedding because I know she has grown from my arms into someone else’s and that I will not be able to protect her from any hurt he may cause her.

    Women don’t typically cry at weddings because it is so romantic – women cry at weddings because they think of their life and what could have been.

  2. you cried at your daughters wedding becouse you are a wuss

    but to fully answer your question women cry couse evelution has made them far more emotional then men ,most likely couse they are ment to take care of the children (and human children take far more time to grow up then other animals), while men have evolved to kill both each other and other animals and thus need to be far less emotional just to fully function.

  3. If men are crying at a wedding it is because the groom is marrying a liberated woman who will not cook & clean like she is supposed to.

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