Why Is Chicago Called the Windiest City In the United States and Which Is the Least Windy City?

Chicago may be called the Windy City, but the nation’s windiest city is Cheyenne, Wyoming, where the average annual wind speed clocks in at 12.9 miles (21 km) per hour.

Chicago, at 10.4 miles (17 kin) per hour, is calm compared to Cheyenne and these other cities, where average winds speeds range from 12.6 miles (20 km) per hour to 11.3 miles (18 km) per hour:

Great Falls, Montana; Boston, Massachusetts; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Buffalo, New York; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Honolulu, Hawaii.

The least windy city in the United States is Charleston, West Virginia, which has average winds of 5.9 miles (9 km) per hour.