Why Was Diner Lingo Invented and Is Diner Lingo Faster Than Giving the Real Order?

The only way to find out if diner lingo is faster is to try it and see.

First a little lingo: “Noah’s boy with Murphy carrying a wreath, splash of red noise, frog sticks, and an MD, hold the hail!”

Now the order, straight: “Ham with potato and cabbage, tomato soup, French fries, and a Dr. Pepper, no ice.”

You’ll note that the colorful version is longer, so efficiency wasn’t the issue. Or was it?

Diner lingo accomplished two things: for one, it amused the cook and customers as waitresses made up new and obscure variations.

For another, the word pictures suggested by the phrases made it easier for a cook and waitress to remember a complete order without continuously consulting paper documentation.

So perhaps the lingo actually did make things more efficient, even if it added a few extra syllables.