Would House Cats Eat their Owners if the Owners Died and the Cats Were Hungry?

Are you a cat owner? Do you really want to know if cats would eat their owners if they died?

cats eat dead owners

If not, skip to the next question, and we’ll meet you down there in a second.

Okay, then. As you know, there have been dozens of stories of loyal dogs standing guard over their owners’ bodies, disregarding their own hunger and thirst as they carry on their lonely, sad vigil.

Funny thing, though, we haven’t heard many stories of cats doing the same thing.

We know that big cats in the wild are opportunists, eating whatever they can catch, find, or steal, but what about the little one sleeping on your lap right now?

Yep, the cats in your house are not that different.

While a dog will normally wait until it is very hungry, a couple of days or more, before feeding on its beloved owner, a hungry cat may well decide that you’ll do as a protein source before your body has even grown cold.

After all, you provided them with food all those years while you were still living, so why not after?

It’s their nature. They can’t help it. Still, it’s yet another reason to keep an eye on the little beasts.

As one forensics expert put it: “On those lazy afternoons when your cat is lying there on the sofa watching you with half-closed eyes, it’s likely thinking about lunch and checking to see if your chest is still moving up and down.”

Cats kill.

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2 thoughts on “Would House Cats Eat their Owners if the Owners Died and the Cats Were Hungry?”

  1. Cats are hunters not scavengers. It is in their instinct to hunt prey and seek out fresh meat. House cats are typically not trained in killing and eating what they have killed. But in an odd case of dead cat owner, and a starving cat… it would depend on the cat. More chance of a starving human eating a dead human; history books have this evidence.

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